What is the correct spelling for HIMIN?

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Correct spellings for HIMIN

  • haman And the king's servants said unto Ahasuerus, "Behold, Haman standeth in the court."
  • hamming Golay codes, of which the Binary Golay code is of practical interest Goppa code, used in the McEliece cryptosystem Hadamard code Hagelbarger code Hamming code Latin square based code for non-white noise (prevalent for example in broadband over powerlines) Lexicographic code Long code Low-density parity-check code, also known as Gallager code, as the archetype for sparse graph codes LT code, which is a near-optimal rateless erasure correcting code (Fountain code) m of n codes Online code, a near-optimal rateless erasure correcting code Polar code (coding theory) Raptor code, a near-optimal rateless erasure correcting code Reed–Solomon error correction Reed–Muller code Repeat-accumulate code Repetition codes, such as Triple modular redundancy Spinal code, a rateless, nonlinear code based on pseudo-random hash functions Tornado code, a near-optimal erasure correcting code, and the precursor to Fountain codes Turbo code Walsh–Hadamard code Cyclic redundancy checks (CRCs) can correct 1-bit errors for messages at most bits long for optimal generator polynomials of degree , see Mathematics of cyclic redundancy checks#Bitfilters
  • herman "I have already invited Dillon and his man, Herman , over the telephone just before you came in.
  • hiding "Well, they're not hiding at the bottom of any ocean, that's for sure," somebody said.
  • homing He heard the caw of homing rooks and the flutter of thrushes in the great Hall shrubberies.
  • hominy One night I would eat pork and hominy with a rough fellow who was carving a farm out of the forest; and the next I would sit in a fine panelled hall and listen to gentlefolks' speech, and dine off damask and silver.
  • human "If human evidence is worth anything, those things happen," he said.
  • humane Giving gas for tooth-extraction is all very humane in its way, but the time for anaesthetics is when the patient first decides that he must go to the dentist.
  • humming She began humming softly as she worked gently on Habrunt's wounds, filling the silent, deserted bungalow with the quiet, lovely mood of her melody.
  • hymen Hymen and Priest wait still upon Portion, and Joynture; Love and Beauty have their own Ceremonies.
  • hymn And then, O teacher, I'm all right, for the whole hymn just repeated itself in my mind as if I had the book before me.
  • limn
  • min
  • riming
  • simian
  • timing
  • Aiming Laetitia's bosom rose: her hand was detained: a lady who has yielded it cannot wrestle to have it back; those outworks which protect her treacherously shelter the enemy aiming at the citadel when he has taken them.
  • Chiming All the silver bells that swing with the turning of the great ring of light which lies around that land were softly chiming; and the sound of their commotion went down like dew upon the golden ways of the city, and the long alleys of blossoming trees, and the meadows of asphodel, and the curving shores of the River of Life.
  • Harming If there is not room for the plow to pass without pulling out the young peanuts and harming the vines, it should be taken off the field and the crop left to take care of itself.
  • Hemming I've been discreetly hemming and scraping and hammering on the wood-work so as not to overhear, and I'd have gone away if I hadn't been afraid of being overheard.
  • Him
  • Hiring
  • Hiving
  • Liming
  • Hiking
  • Hamlin Yet it was not until years later, when he had made a successful "prospect" on Casket Ridge, that he met Mr. Hamlin in San Francisco, and knew how he had played the part of Mercury upon that "heaven-kissing hill."
  • Harmon If only Miss Harmon were home, I'd have asked her to coach you.
  • miming
  • HIMS
  • hieing

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