What is the correct spelling for HIRIE?

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Correct spellings for HIRIE

  • brie Of course we refer to the soft cheeses-like Gorgonzola, Brie , cream-cheese, Neufchatel, Limburger, and the like-which are hardly more manageable than butter.
  • dire Well, he was told what there was to tell-which was not much, amid all this dire uncertainty.
  • eire True it is, you will find amid the flight of minstrels one bolder than the rest, who mourns for the time when the Milesians swayed, and tells that "a soul has come into Eire ," and summons all the Milesian tribes to battle for Ireland.
  • erie "They paddled across Lake Erie -" "That was Lake Erie we were riding side of this morning," interrupted Ethel Blue.
  • fire He did not know who had started this fire .
  • hairy The tail has a distinctive reddish-orange color and the legs are rough and hairy .
  • hare No judge is as grave as an owl; no soldier fighting for his country flies as rapidly as the hare .
  • harrier Sir Henry's courteous indifference, however, was like a harrier .
  • hera "I did not remain long with these wretched creatures, but I must confess that if Irene is as like to Hebe as her elder sister is to Hera , Euergetes has good grounds for being angry if Asclepiodorus keeps the girl from him.
  • here 6224. And he told you to come here ?
  • hero Whether the hero of those adventures is the same as he who is pictured in the work I present to my readers I know not.
  • herr The Herr Lieutenant was rather red in the face as we left him without any particular ceremony.
  • hide "Hide yourself first," whispered Saint-Castin.
  • hie Then Alexander would hie himself to his Gilmor-street home and curse his luck.
  • hike When Burke sent me to his room he had lit out, taken a swift hike into the hills.
  • hippie Not because I'm some patchouli-scented, fuzzy-headed, "information wants to be free" info-hippie.
  • hire If there are five men in a boat, then the lines belong to these men, and they have each to pay their share of the hire for the season.
  • hired I have hired an expert, in you, to show me how to make money.
  • hive A hive of bees has been described as a single organism with disconnected cells; and some of these tribes of shining beings seem to be little more than one being manifesting itself in many beautiful forms.
  • houri As for me, I was, I am certain, intended for the sultan's seraglio, for as a child I was beautiful as a houri .
  • hr If we divide 12 hours by 11 we get 1 hr .
  • ire My ire was up, too!...
  • mire Rightly or wrongly, there was a 'movement' in the parish and the outlying hamlets: and thus it was that the curate, struggling through the mire , carried in his face the expression of hard work.
  • shire The loveliest woman in the shire -to his eyes, in the world-had declared to him her love, and vowed eternal devotion.
  • sire "Still greater, therefore, is their treachery, Sire ; and greater must be their punishment," returned Carvalho, firmly.
  • tire She was willing to be tire d herself if she could also tire Bowser the Hound and Farmer Brown's boy.
  • wire So he took upon himself to wire .
  • Hiring 5619. That shows that you have no interest in having the men hiring out a boat from you?
  • Hires Sometimes things can be literally handed over, like a watch or a book; sometimes they can be transferred by a written deed, or by legal possession, as in the case of land and houses; services, also, can be transferred, as when a footman hires himself to a master.
  • Lire He counted out four lire and added a note.
  • Hiram I'd hate like death to hev the whole congregation catchin' cold an' takin' Hiram Gekerjeck's medicine.
  • Cherie She wasn't Cherie and eight.
  • wirier
  • hoarier
  • hairier
  • airier Or maybe I should say "veiling" instead of canvas-or something still lighter and airier .

5 words made from the letters HIRIE

  • 4 letter words made from HIRIE:

    heir, hiei, hire.
  • 3 letter words made from HIRIE:

    hie, ire.