What is the correct spelling for HISTOTY?

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Correct spellings for HISTOTY

  • chastity No, my lord; tis my chastity, which you shall neither riddle nor fiddle.
  • custody Mr. Smith held a consultation with the captain of the revenue cutter, and an arrangement was shortly made between them whereby the Circe was to be in the government's custody for a time, and then to be turned over to her owners.
  • distort Among the hundreds of slaves attached to a great household, there were in such times sure to be spies, attracted by the lure of freedom and a fortune, who might report and distort what they had observed in their master's unguarded hours.
  • haste I would go in haste to that place where is our friend.
  • hastily "He will tell them that we were kind to him," Nell responded hastily.
  • hasty Don't be too hasty in showing yourself.
  • heist 1902. 5: "Die Liebe zu Gott Heist charite.
  • hesitate To the woman of Samaria He did not hesitate to proclaim Himself, because she was a simple-minded woman, who was in need of sympathy and spiritual strength.
  • hideout But a planet like that, if one had the survival equipment, would make a wonderful hideout.
  • hirsute Till I had got rid of that black hirsute horror I was not going to risk my chances of happiness.
  • history History is a systematic record of past events. Annals and chronicles relate events with little regard to their relative importance, and with complete subserviency to their succession in time. Annals are yearly records; chronicles follow the order of time. Both necessarily lack emphasis, selection, and perspective. Archives are public records, which may be annals, or chronicles, or deeds of property, etc. Memoirs generally record the lives of individuals or facts pertaining to individual lives. A biography is distinctively a written account of one person's life and actions; an autobiography is a biography written by the person whose life it records. Annals, archives, chronicles, biographies, and memoirs and other records furnish the materials of history. History recounts events with careful attention to their importance, their mutual relations, their causes and consequences, selecting and grouping events on the ground of interest or importance. History is usually applied to such an account of events affecting communities and nations, tho sometimes we speak of the history of a single eminent life. Compare RECORD.
  • hittite Perhaps-David-said the same thing-about Uriah the Hittite.
  • hoist He bids it come quickly; "spread thy full wings," hoist every sail; "ruffle thy mirror'd mast;" for the faster the ship is driven through the water, the more will the reflected mast be "ruffled" on its agitated surface.
  • host I have passed Christmas away from my family, but I have not passed one surrounded by a host of friends.
  • hostility That hostility is expected, and can be defied.
  • huston I knew Sam Huston well.
  • state I mean to do it myself yet,-back to old York state.
  • stet He wore the St. Bede's cap-dark cloth with a white shield in front, on which were worked in old English letters, "St. B.," while beneath these were three Roman capitals-"S. S. V.," the initials of the school motto, "Suis stet viribus"-"He stands on his merit."
  • stoat "Yes, doctor," he said, after looking round him for a few moments, as if in search of the object he named, "he'd have been like so much varmin to me, and if he hadn't married my poor lass, I should have shot him as I would a stoat."
  • stout Keep a stout heart, I mean, and believe all the time you're coming out all right?
  • study You may return to the study hall.
  • Hast What hast thou in thy bag and bottle?
  • Hasted "Signals I gave, but he marked not or heeded," Answered the damsel, and hasted to meet me.
  • Hist 333-4; quotation from Hist.
  • Hoisted Had the red cap of Liberty itself been suddenly hoisted in that brilliant assemblage, the dread and terror which arose could scarcely have been greater.
  • Stood Again he rose to go, and stood and looked down on her, smiling.
  • heisted
  • heists
  • hosted Last year, I co-hosted the very first White House conference on child care with one of our foremost experts, America's first lady.
  • hoists Trude, who has so far watched him in silence, hoists herself up on to the big beam which runs from shore to shore on a level with the rail.
  • HST
  • STAT 651; Bloody Assizes; Stat.

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