What is the correct spelling for HITGH?

If you accidentally type "hitgh", fret not! Here are a few possible correct suggestions: "high", "hight", "hitch" or "height". Sometimes, our fingers just have a mind of their own. Just keep an eye out and allow autocorrect to come to the rescue.

Correct spellings for HITGH

  • hatch The baby bird was about to hatch from its egg.
  • Hath He hath spoken wisely.
  • high She climbed the mountain to reach the high summit.
  • highs The highs and lows of entrepreneurship can be intense.
  • hinge I need to fix the hinge on my bedroom door because it's starting to squeak.
  • HIT The batter took a big swing but missed the ball, resulting in a strike instead of a hit.
  • hitch I need to fix the hitch on my bike before we go for a ride.
  • hits
  • Hugh Hugh is coming over for dinner tonight.
  • hutch I had to move the hutch to make room for the new sofa.