What is the correct spelling for HITH?

If you mistakenly type "hith" instead of "with", fear not! Autocorrect and proofreading tools can swoop in to save the day. They will suggest the correct spelling in a jiffy, ensuring your texts and documents remain error-free. Embrace these technological saviors as they prevent the dreaded "hith" mishap!

Correct spellings for HITH

  • Hath I hath not seen him for many years.
  • high The airplane was flying extremely high in the sky.
  • HIT The boxer was able to land a powerful hit on his opponent's chin.
  • hitch I had a hitch in my plan when I realized I forgot my keys.
  • hits He hits a lot of home runs in each game he plays.
  • kith Even though he ventured far from home, he never forgot his kith and kin.
  • pith After removing the pith from the orange, she sliced it into wedges.
  • With With the help of my friends, I was able to move to a new city.