What is the correct spelling for HIVEAS?

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Correct spellings for HIVEAS

  • adds one's name to
  • am offended by
  • am offensive
  • am on
  • art tantamount to
  • art wasteful with
  • asking in marriage
  • be move
  • be muse
  • became airborne
  • became ratified
  • befallings
  • castle in sky
  • chives Chop some mushrooms, chives, and parsley; mix these in the broth in which the ducks were braised.
  • crepusular light
  • cross-piece
  • Dives So that he had plenty to eat, could have nice swims and dives, and was not molested in any way, Hippo was a very peaceable animal; but once interfere with him in any way, and it was another matter altogether.
  • falls with
  • far-stretched
  • favorings
  • favorite activity
  • favorite occupations
  • fives Again the dice rolled, and this time he saw distinctly two fives turn up.
  • foots it
  • Gives He never questions how, but gives me whatever I ask.
  • havens On that occasion it was a journey of extreme peril-with no friendly populous havens at which the necessary commodities could be obtained.
  • haves
  • heavers Now, the striking and the instructive fact is, that exactly in that island workshop, by this very race of artisans, of coal-heavers and woollen manufacturers of machinists and blacksmiths and ship-carpenters, there has been produced and embodied forever, in words that will outlast the mountains as well as the pyramids, a literature which, take it for all in all, is the richest, most profound, most instructive, combining more spirituality with more common sense, springing from more capacious souls, conveying in better wisdom, more conformable to the truth in man, in nature, and in human life, than the literature of any nation that ever existed.
  • heaves 8. Give the causes and treatment of "heaves."
  • heifers The cows, heifers, and bulls should be kept fresh, not fat, nor too lean.
  • hides What makes you think he hides the stuff there?
  • HIES But you ought at least to learn the one which is being sung everywhere about you; for instance this: "Far, far away the white dove flies, In fierce pursuit the black hawk hies; The dove is my lover so dear, The hawk is the pirate I fear."
  • hikes We seldom take hikes of less than twenty miles.
  • Hines And he wanted to get into space like nobody else around, except maybe Gimp Hines.
  • Hires Why, once a week The Ethical Society hires one To work the same performance-quite the same Each time.
  • hive If the hive be moved to a different place, the bees that chance at the time to be out in the fields collecting honey, upon their return, finding their home gone, are evidently at a loss.
  • Hived "You are a blessed daughter," said Mr. Middleton, "and I hope there's better fortin in store for you than to stay hived up with us two old crones; and I can't help thinkin' that you'll have Dr. Lacey yet, or somebody a heap better.
  • hives There was a small garden in front, with a row of bee-hives humming among beds of sweet herbs and flowers.
  • Hoovers
  • Hooves As he was lying there, he heard the trampling of a horse's hooves, as it forced its way through the bushes; and, looking up, he saw the most beautiful lady that he had ever seen coming riding towards him on a grey palfrey.
  • hovels The explanation was that those who visited Branscombe knew it, and preferred its hovels to the palaces of the fashionable seaside town.
  • hovers
  • in put
  • intertangled
  • ives My mother's last was partly a letter of business, but chiefly of recommendation, particularly of the young lady: and in it was enclosed one from my sister, Louisa, which gives a very high character of her friend, Anna St. Ives.
  • Lives For their lives, then, they ran, expecting to be killed every minute.
  • more reverberated
  • Rives He told you he was the reporter who had located the evidence that convicted Rives.
  • shivers It's got about that she saved my life by 'er careful nussing, and the way she shakes 'er 'ead at me for risking my valuable life, as she calls it, going up to London, gives me the shivers.
  • socks to someone
  • VIVAS Money, flowers, flattery, vivas!
  • Wives Among them, shoulder to shoulder, are numbers of agricultural labourers, their wives, and daughters, dressed in their best for the occasion.