What is the correct spelling for HMADE?

If you have mistakenly typed "hmade" instead of "handmade", worry not - auto-correct sometimes fails us! The correct term is "handmade", referring to items created with skilled artistry and attention to detail. So, next time, simply type "handmade" for a more accurate spelling!

Correct spellings for HMADE

  • Ahmad Ahmad is a skilled programmer who has worked for many high-profile companies.
  • Amado Jesse is in love with Amado.
  • amide I can't get the picture out of my mind of you and Amide walking in the park together.
  • Had I had to cancel my trip because of the weather.
  • hate I hate the way you always leave the dishes in the sink.
  • head I have a headache from banging my head on the low doorway.
  • headed I'm headed to the supermarket to get some groceries.
  • header The header on the document is very important.
  • heady I felt really heady after drinking that whole bottle of wine.
  • hide I need to hide my tracksuit so no one can see it.
  • homage An homage to Steve Jobs is an homage to the pioneer of the personal computing industry.
  • horde She had to face a horde of reporters waiting for her.
  • humane I think it's humane to euthanize the animals.
  • Hyde Hyde is the loneliest person I know.
  • mad The mad man in the asylum was hacking at his chains.
  • made I made sure to set an alarm for my early morning meeting.
  • mate I hope my new mate isn't too rough.
  • Maude
  • meade I'm going to meade some cider.
  • mode The mode of transportation to the airport will be by taxi.
  • pomade His hair was greased back and styled with pomade.
  • Remade My old DVDs were remade into Blu-rays.