What is the correct spelling for HMANS?

If you accidentally type "hmans" instead of "humans", fear not! Auto-correct can come to the rescue. Common suggestions include "humans", "mans", "jeans" or "hams". So next time you mistakenly type "hmans", let autocorrect work its magic to help you express your thoughts accurately.

Correct spellings for HMANS

  • haman Haman was an official in the Persian Empire who planned to kill all the Jews.
  • hams She roasted two hams for Christmas dinner.
  • Hans Hans is a skilled woodworker who can create beautiful furniture.
  • HMS The Royal Navy's fourth-largest ship is the HMS Queen Elizabeth.
  • HONS After dinner, the HONS committee will meet to discuss the party plans.
  • humane It is important to treat animals and people with humane kindness and respect.
  • humans Humans have a unique ability to communicate complex ideas and emotions through language.
  • Huns The emperor was surrounded by a group of fierce looking Huns.
  • hymens The hymens is an often missed body part when it comes to female genitalia.
  • Mains I ordered the fish as my mains for dinner tonight.
  • Manes The wind howled through the trees, causing the manes of the horses to whip about wildly.
  • manse The wealthy couple decided to retire to a beautiful manse in the countryside.
  • means Saving money means spending less.
  • moans The baby moans when he's hungry.
  • mons The Mona Lisa's famous smile features her mons.