What is the correct spelling for HOA'S?

If you meant to type "hoa's" but made a typo, here are some correct suggestions. If you were referring to homeowners' associations, you could write "HOAs". For the flower, you could mean "hydrangeas". Alternatively, if you intended to say "who has", the correct spelling would be "who's".

Correct spellings for HOA'S

  • Boas The fashionista wrapped a colorful assortment of boas around her neck for the costume party.
  • HaaS I am excited to try out the new Haas platform.
  • Has John has a meeting today at 2 pm.
  • Haws The haws were beginning to ripen on the tree.
  • hays The farmer stored the harvested hays in the barn to use as feed for the livestock during the winter.
  • hears She hears the sound of the ocean waves crashing onto the shore.
  • hoarse The old man's voice was hoarse from years of shouting.
  • hoax The rumor of the zombie apocalypse was a hoax committed by school students.
  • HOBS She refused to use the HOBS (household objects) for her art project, opting instead for expensive art supplies.
  • HODS I have a new house on Hods Lane
  • hoers The dog barked at the hoers.
  • hoes The new hoes are great!
  • hogs The farmer has a herd of hogs.
  • HOLS I'm planning my hols for next year.
  • HONS
  • hops The bitterness of the beer largely depends on the hops used in the brewing process.
  • HOS He left his laptop at home and must have been HOS.
  • HOTS She had a serious case of the hots for her co-worker.
  • hours Please give me an estimate of the hours required.
  • oas