What is the correct spelling for HOADER?

If you've come across the word "hoader" and think it might be a misspelling, you're right! The correct term is "hoarder". A hoarder refers to someone who excessively accumulates or saves items, often resulting in cluttered living spaces. Seek help from support groups or professional organizers if you or someone you know struggles with hoarding tendencies.

Correct spellings for HOADER

  • Hadar I Hadar the table.
  • hades In Greek mythology, Hades was the king of the underworld, the land of the dead, and the place where souls went after they died.
  • hater
  • header This document has a header.
  • headers I need to check my headers.
  • headier The headier the better!
  • heater The heater isn't working.
  • herder The herder guided the sheep along the ridge to the highest pasture.
  • Hider The hider was found dead under the bed.
  • Hoarded She hoarded all the food in the house, so they had to go shopping for groceries.
  • hoarder She was a hoarder, filling her house to the brim with useless junk.
  • hoarders The hoarders in the house were a spectacle to behold.
  • holder I need to find my phone holder so I can watch videos hands-free.
  • hooter There was a Hooter's restaurant next to the movie theater.
  • horde The horde of animals pursued her.
  • hotter The sun was hotter than I expected.
  • loader I'm sorry, I don't understand. Could you please explain loader?
  • oder