What is the correct spelling for HOLCHY?

If you meant to type "Holchy", but it seems like a misspelling, here are possible correct alternatives: "Holly", referring to the plant or the female name or "Holych", which might relate to a place or a unique name. Double-check your intended usage to determine the correct choice.

Correct spellings for HOLCHY

  • Holey She threw away her favorite pair of jeans because they were holey and beyond repair.
  • Holley Holley is a brand of carburetors commonly used in automotive racing.
  • Holly Holly was excited to decorate her home with Holly leaves and red berries for the holiday season.
  • Holy The Holy Bible is considered to be a sacred text for many Christians around the world.
  • Honcho He was the honcho of the company and held all the decision-making power.
  • Hooch The police found illegal hooch in the basement of the bar.
  • Horthy Miklós Horthy was the regent of the Kingdom of Hungary from 1920 to 1944.
  • Touchy She's been really touchy lately, I can hardly speak to her without setting her off.