What is the correct spelling for HOLDD?

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Correct spellings for HOLDD

  • bold Nancy is downright bold . Thy Vesper-bell hath not yet toll'd :-- And thou wert aye a Masker bold ! – Youth And Age by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  • cold Then he lay back with his head on the pillow, and before five minutes more had gone he was asleep, with the cold cigar still clutched between his fingers. When the wind blows cold The kind of place one could grow old – Good And Ready by anti-flag
  • fold The methods by which they were broken were two-fold. And its pure virgin Limbs to fold In whitest sheets of Lillies cold. – The Nymph Complaining For The Death Of Her Faun by Andrew Marvell
  • gold It is gold and diamonds! To where the flags are flying beside the Gates of Gold . Where all the deep-sea galleons ride that come to bring the corn, Where falls the fog at eventide and blows the breeze at morn; It's there that I was sick and sad, alone and poor and cold, – It's Forth Across The Roaring Foam by Robert Louis Stevenson
  • halt On finding himself so close to the Americans, Cornwallis pushed on after them with his light troops, but as Washington had broken down the bridge over the Raritan after passing it, the British were brought to a halt there.
  • healed Elsie was very thankful to Lucy, and very glad that her papa now knew that she was not to blame; but she was still sorry for his loss, and his words had wounded her too deeply to be immediately forgotten; indeed it was some time before the sore spot they had made in her heart was entirely healed .
  • held The wreck of the Pandora held a fortune after all.
  • hilt General French touched the hilt with his hand, and said: "Keep it.
  • hoard We form a capital and try to make it secure, but, as in times of real danger, our method is to bury our hoard .
  • hod But history, even up to to-day, shows that the knight of the hod faces any odds of position or numbers at the command of his officer.
  • hold "Only the Romanists hold to that.
  • holder They'll begin to take a stock-holder's interest in the affairs of this particular office pretty soon.
  • holdup Big holdup last night at The Forks!
  • holey
  • holiday
  • holly
  • holy
  • hood
  • horde
  • howdy He did not take the trouble to step around the table and shake hands, but muttered a gruff "howdy do?"
  • mold
  • old
  • sold
  • wold
  • Haled Judge Clemens haled both men into his court, fined them, and collected his fee. Such enterprise in the cause of justice deserved prompt reward.
  • Haloed If you don't get rid of that cotton haloed evangelist everybody in this town will claim a 'blessing' without repenting or being converted, I replied.
  • Hauled He first allowed his line to run to its full length, then gradually he hauled it in, making a sign to me to come to his assistance.
  • Heeled But when Jock paused for thought or breath she lifted her head and her eyes grew soft and bright, and her foot, in its absurd high-heeled gray boot, beat a smart left!
  • Hoed Each plant required that the earth should be hoed up round its stalk with almost mathematical accuracy to a certain height and no more; and every leaf had to be tenderly and scrupulously examined twice or thrice daily, to guard against the ruinous attack of the tobacco-grubs.
  • Holden A correct version of the text of the Fourth Edition, with accurate notes, a biography of both Omar and Fitzgerald, and a Poetical Tribute by Andrew Lang, together with a remarkable descriptive and comparative article by Edward S. Holden .
  • Holt An' it's been seen twice on that road already, as I can remember: once when I was a little boy, by old Dan Holt , the postmaster, and once about ten years ago.
  • Hooded
  • Howled
  • Hulled One of them, as she passed, was hulled twice by the British batteries.
  • Hurled With all her strength she hurled it at his head.
  • Told
  • Hilda I cried to Hilda , a few minutes later.
  • holds "Whoppington holds up all the rest of the country.
  • hailed He was usually vexed when Pigglewitch was entreated to play, but to-night he hailed with joy Frau von Osternau's request for some music from the Candidate.
  • HOLS
  • holed John Reid of the Trimontium Trust, finding holed Roman bullets excavated at the Burnswark hillfort, has proposed that the holes would cause the bullets to "whistle" in flight and the sound would intimidate opponents.
  • hole Colonel McIntyre gazed in amazement at the piece of furniture; then catching sight of the blood-stain, he raised the small trap-door or peep hole , in the top of the oblong box which stood breast high, supported on a beautifully carved base.
  • horded

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