What is the correct spelling for HOLLDING?

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Correct spellings for HOLLDING

  • beholding Soon after, hearing the bellman approach, he raised himself up with a solemn slowness, which the bellman beholding , by the glimmerings of the moon through a dark cloud, was terribly frightened, so took to his heels and ran away.
  • folding feintin' and foldin' hittin' and holdin', – Pettin' And Pokin' by Unknown Author
  • golding
  • halting
  • hiding Counting helps the hiding, but what I seek I'm not finding. – Hide And Seek by nonpoint
  • hoarding There was a face on a hoarding That someone had drawn on And just enough time for the night To pass by without warning – Better Off Dead by Elton John
  • holding Sometimes chiding a little his clumsy manner of holding, – Courtship of Miles Standish, The by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  • holland
  • hollering There was more "hollering" of hellos, the lad went on, then the voice from over the water asked, "Could ye put me up fer the night?"
  • howling By his command between ten and twenty soldiers surrounded the children, while the others began, without mercy, to scourge the howling mob with courbashes.
  • hurdling May not this constant dodging or hurdling of statutes be a sign that there is something the matter with the statutes?
  • lading The Sales Act provides that where goods are shipped and by the bill of lading that is given for them they are to be delivered to the order of the buyer or of his agents, but possession of the bill of lading is to be retained by the seller or his agent, he thereby reserves his right to the possession of the goods as against the buyer.
  • loading We saw men loading hay in the meadows that were bounded by rail fences, and the fragrance from the fields was wafted to us as we passed.
  • molding The major had gone far in the molding of Phoebe's keen wit.
  • moulding Still, this re-moulding has had the result of bringing logic into a fuller agreement with common-sense than might be expected.
  • Haling
  • Holden
  • Holing To organize the establishment all that is necessary is a baster, a machinist, a presser, and two or three women-workers, one for button-holing, one for felling, and one for general work, carrying home, etc.
  • Hollowing Instead he continued to bore holes in the walk, automatically hollowing them out and filling them up again with the tip of his boot.
  • Hooding Nesthooden, a hooding over a bird's nest, as a wren's.
  • Hounding
  • Huddling Watching those huge bodies huddling into themselves, he heard an echo of Horng's screams in his mind.
  • Hulling If you could contrive to smash a good number of her oars with a raking shot it would be better even than hulling her; for, after all, it would be a terrible thing to destroy so much life.
  • Lording Think of sixteen proud monarchs of the campus making brick in striped suits, with a cross foreman who used to haul ashes from the college campus lording it over them and tracing their ancestry back through thirty generations of undesirable citizens!
  • Colluding The Colombian parapolitics scandal or "parapolítica" in Spanish (a combination of the words paramilitar and política) refers to the 2006–present Colombian congressional scandal in which several congressmen and other politicians have been indicted for coll
  • holdings
  • colliding
  • hording

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