What is the correct spelling for HOMICIE?

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Correct spellings for HOMICIE

  • homage And then the Green Knight kneeled down, and did him homage with his sword. Fam, I don't threaten dudes, that's a promise That's honest, you can kiss my ring and pay homage – Ready (Explicit Version) by black rob
  • home "When I sit on my old home stump and say 'Chip! Is this the way you roam And mock the sunset gleam?" And he marched us straightway home, Though we said, "We are only, daddy, – Sitting on a Bridge by Thomas Hardy
  • homesick If Helen had felt homesick again, she said nothing about it.
  • homicide "We will confine our observation to the dangerous facilities afforded by this code for the escape of the homicide . His countryside's burnin' with wolfman fairies dressed in drag for homicide The hit and run, plead sanctuary, `neath a holy stone they hide – Lost In The Flood by Bruce Springsteen
  • homily He knew not if the brotherhood His homily had understood; He only knew that to one ear The meaning of his words was clear.
  • homing
  • hominy
  • horace I'ma go Chuck Norris and be out with Horace – The Heist by Jaylib
  • hosier Rolfe took it to Sir Horace's hosier , and he is practically certain that the glove is one of a pair he sold to Sir Horace."
  • mace Rippin' off mace with that look on his face – Wack Rappers by afroman
  • pumice An island was thrown up from which fire and smoke continued to issue, but in less than a year the waves had washed the loose pumice away, leaving a submerged reef from 5 to 30 fathoms below sea level.
  • Dormice The dormice, in their nests at the bottom of the oak-tree, and the water-rats, in their holes in the bank of the pond, were sound asleep also; but all these animals had taken the precaution to provide a store of provisions for the early part of the spring, and in case they should wake up for a few days in the winter.
  • Homilies
  • Mice Extra for the mice Two percent for looking in the mirror twice – Master Of The House by Unknown Author
  • Maisie And Maisie told her.
  • Horacio
  • Marcie
  • homes Then comes the machinery through which these millions of homes "run the government." If he goes for her kilowatts and she enjoys his ohms, You can bet your magnetic Combustible shirt They'll wind up in high-voltage homes. – Oh, Happy Day by Unknown Author
  • HMS Our orders were to make the best of our way to Long Island Sound, where we were to deliver some despatches to HMS Syren, and then, after cruising a week off Gay Head, to return to Rhode Island.
  • MCI
  • homier
  • homers Some pigeon books say that a beginner can do as well with the common pigeons that fly about the streets as with the straight Homers .
  • homiest
  • homelier Just as of old he had dispensed to all children alike the homelier toys of his youth, so now he gave to all children alike these more beautiful and more curious gifts.
  • see-through
  • impartings
  • in-satiablenesses
  • routining