What is the correct spelling for HOODE?

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Correct spellings for HOODE

  • he'd He'd promised to call her after the meeting, but he forgot.
  • heed I hope you will heed my advice and not invest in that company.
  • hide I like to hide behind the curtains when I play hide-and-seek with my little sister.
  • Hied She hied to the grocery store to grab some milk before it closed.
  • hod The hod is a common tool used in the construction industry to carry materials such as bricks and mortar.
  • Hoed He hoed the garden for hours under the hot sun.
  • holed I was trying to unhole my shoe but it became so tightly holed I couldn't get my fingers inside.
  • homed After a long day at work, I homed in on my couch and relaxed with a good book.
  • Honed He really honed his skills as a pianist.
  • hood He put on his hood and stepped out into the cold rain.
  • Hooded The hooded figure in the shadows startled me.
  • hoodoo Inexperienced magicians often resort to hoodoo to perform spells.
  • hoods The neighborhood was filled with hooded figures walking through the streets on Halloween night.
  • hooey It was all just a hooey.
  • hoofed The horse had a hoofed print on its hide.
  • hooke Daniel Hooke discovered the law of elasticity in 1660.
  • hooked I was hooked on the show from the start.
  • Hooped I hooped the ball and it went through the hoop.
  • hoot The owl let out a loud hoot as it flew past the window.
  • Hooted I Hooted when I saw the owl out my window.
  • hooter The hooter of the train startled the birds in the nearby trees.
  • Hoped I hoped for more from the performance.
  • horde I spent the morning cleaning up a horde of spider webs.
  • HOSED She was so HOSED when she found out the party was for kids only.
  • howdy Howdy, partner! Would you like to grab a drink at the saloon tonight?
  • hued The sky is a deep blue, hued by the setting sun.
  • Hyde The Hyde Amendment prohibits federal funding of abortion except in cases of rape, incest, or if the mother's life is in danger
  • shooed She shooed the pigeons from the roof.

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