What is the correct spelling for HOODY?

If you've been spelling "hoody" wrong, worry not, many others do too! The correct spelling for that comfy, casual garment is "hoodie". This small but crucial change makes all the difference in the world. So next time, make sure you get it right and rock your hoodie with pride!

Correct spellings for HOODY

  • goody I always pack a goody bag for road trips.
  • hardy The hardy plants survived the harsh winter conditions with ease.
  • heady The success of his first solo album brought him a heady feeling of achievement.
  • hod
  • HODS He was wearing a Hods helmet.
  • Hoed The Hoed was found at the scene of the crime.
  • hold Its not the best place to hold an assembly, but the room is hold.
  • hood I can't believe that he got away with walking around with a hood on.
  • Hooded The hooded figure emerged from the shadows and approached me slowly.
  • hoodoo Hoodoo is a form of magic that is based on the belief in the power ofoodoo.
  • hoods The hoods of their jackets were pulled tightly around their faces to ward off the bitter cold.
  • hooey That is so hooey.
  • hooky I'm going to take a little hooky today to relax.
  • hoot Let's go hike in the woods and hoot like the owls!
  • horde The horde of zombies was terrifying.
  • howdy Hey! Howdy!
  • moody She was so moody that she could go from happy to angry in a matter of seconds.
  • woody Jim loves going for walks in the woody park near his house.