What is the correct spelling for HOORID?

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Correct spellings for HOORID

  • choroid In the Sympathizing Eye. -There is an inflammation involving the choroid , ciliary body and iris.
  • hard While beating off Magellan Strait it blew exceeding hard; Whilst shortening sail two gallant tars fell from the topsail yard. – Rounding The Horn by lloyd
  • harried
  • herd I never want to be part of the herd. I guess I was incase you haven't heard. – Take A Drink by Quietdrive
  • herod
  • hired
  • hoard Be like my second, thoughtful, wise, And in life's summer prime, Gather and hoard a goodly store Of truth and love, and priceless lore, To cheer its winter time.
  • hod One calls for a hod of mortar, another for his hammer.
  • honored But all that time you have certainly honored me with your attention, and I do believe you love me more than I deserve.
  • honoured And always has he loved her and honoured her, since she is his great mother.
  • hood A victoria with its hood and apron raised had just drawn up outside the door.
  • hoofed From Cassiar we hoofed it back to Juneau-a long an' a hard trail-an', after buyin' a small sailboat an' grub enough for three months, we struck out for Douglas Island.
  • hooked This could be easily seen, for the creature was hanging along a horizontal branch with its back downward, and its huge curving claws, all in a bunch, were hooked over the branch.
  • hooray They fell into a Horseless Hansom and went to see the Hity-Tity Variety and Burlesque Aggregation in a new Piece entitled Hooray !
  • hoot As soon as the trend of his remarks was realized, Porter's supporters began to hiss and hoot .
  • horde Uncle Jeff forgot just then that we ought to do good to our enemies as well as to our friends; but that would be a difficult matter for a man to accomplish when a horde of savages are in arms, resolved to take his life; so I suppose it means that we must do them good when we can get them to be at peace-or to bury the war-hatchet, as they would express themselves.
  • horrid This was horrid of him, but he made up for everything later on.
  • horridly Then I saw that his right arm was twisted under him horridly and that his shoulder looked all wrong.
  • houri Mohammed, who became more and more downcast, was beginning to fear that he would be unable to prove to me the full extent of my disgrace, when suddenly the swift approach of my houri to her window betokened something fresh.
  • hurried The other women looked at each other while Rose hurried through this.
  • hybrid By the way, a cross-fox is not a hybrid ; he bears the sign of the cross on his shoulders, and so his name.
  • rid They said: "Do let me come and get rid of that fellow for you," and mine said: "Yes-yes-yes.
  • rood At Barking, Essex, are chambers over the lich-gate, and one was formerly known as the Chapel of the Holy Rood .
  • thyroid We know through Gudernatsch that the growth of the legs can be produced at any time by feeding the animal with the thyroid gland.
  • torrid Sam accepted the offered chair, altho he would have preferred a situation a little less torrid .
  • Haired She loved him because he had the face of an angel, and was fair-haired, and seemed so gentle and patient, and smiled so sweetly when she kissed him.
  • Hid I hid them in an old tree by Stoneledge.
  • Hoed The use of the hoe requires constant stooping to the ground and is consequently laborious, but the Saharan fields are very limited, and are soon hoed up.
  • Hooded She held in her arms the pink-hooded, pink-coated Rosemary, made snug against the chill winds of her lofty parade ground.
  • Hooped When the proper hour came for paying their respects to their niece the queen, they tied on their large hooped petticoats, and other articles of court-dress, had their trains borne by their pages, and went to the queen's apartment to make their courtesies, and sit down for a little while, chiefly to show that they had a right to sit down unasked in the royal presence.
  • Hooted The clock in the little church struck two and an owl hooted mournfully in the belfry as silently our cortege plodded up the steep incline.
  • Houris May the light of Allah shine upon thee in thy wisdom, may the houris of paradise make thy couch one of delight when thou art gathered to thy forefathers!
  • Moored There was the little harbour where he had moored his boat, scarcely more than a pool surrounded by those huge masses of jagged rocks; the fields where he had played, the cave in the cliffs where he had sat and dreamed.
  • Harold Harold-ultimately she forgot his last name-had taken her up the shore after supper.
  • hared
  • hayride

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