What is the correct spelling for HOOUSES?

If the misspelling "hoouses" has been made, there are a few possible correct suggestions. The correct spelling is "houses", with a single "o". Other corrections could include "homes" or "dwellings". Using spell-check or proofreading can help prevent errors like this in the future.

Correct spellings for HOOUSES

  • chooses She always chooses the healthiest option when dining out.
  • douses She douses her campfire with water before turning in for the night.
  • gooses The flock of gooses flew over the lake at dusk.
  • Hooves She kicked one of the horses' hooves and it careened off the road.
  • Horses I have always loved horses and dream of one day owning my own.
  • hoses I need to water the plants, so let me get the hoses from the shed.
  • hothouses The temperature in the hothouses was incredibly hot.
  • house I plan to paint my house blue this summer.
  • Housed The abandoned factory was eventually housed by a group of artists who transformed it into a vibrant exhibition space.
  • Houses The real estate market is currently experiencing a shortage of houses for sale.
  • looses She looses her patience very easily.
  • nooses In America, the Ku Klux Klan still uses the nooses as a sign of hate.
  • rouses The smell of freshly baked cookies always rouses my appetite.
  • souses He tends to souses his food heavily with hot sauce.