What is the correct spelling for HORSS?

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Correct spellings for HORSS

  • harass
  • hess He accordingly evacuated Hamburg on the 29th of May, taking with him his Hanseatic legions, which had not held out an hour in the islands of the Elbe, and accompanied by the Swedish Doctor Von Hess , whose imprudent advice was the chief cause of all the disasters to which the unfortunate city lied been exposed.
  • hesse You are some hundred miles from Hesse , in your present chateau."
  • hiss Where no thing rests and no man is, And only fire and night hold sway; The beat, the thunder and the hiss Cease not, and change not, night nor day.
  • hoarse It sounded hoarse and strange, and yet there was very little of it, deserted by her failing breath.
  • hops The Minnow was meant for short heavy hops to planets or asteroids.
  • horse Is your horse waiting?"
  • horsey From that hour I was free to follow my own inclinations, which usually took a horsey turn; and as the stable offered several mounts, I very often rode six hours a day.
  • horus The red blossoms of the persea tree are a symbol of the Sun-tree: of Horus .
  • hose I mean to hose Dodds out of the fort.
  • hosea Hosea reads the experiences of his wedded life as a symbol of Jehovah's experience with Israel.
  • host Rosalind was very wretched; but a host of womanly feelings were at work within her to prevent its being guessed by any.
  • hours I will be here two hours after....
  • house Yes, take me to the house , please.
  • hus After in vain tempting Count Markof with new objects, he introduced to the acquaintance of Madame Hus some of his female emissaries.
  • ross As glad, Ross , as I can be for anything-more glad than I am for most things.
  • Has See how it has been with her!
  • Hers She would go with the Leggats to see Richenda's sisters and that father of hers who had apologised to her for having brought her into the world.
  • His That's where he had his home."
  • Horsed Friends who lived at a distance rose and shaved by candle-light, and daybreak found them horsed and well on their way to the house of mourning, their errand announced by the long black streamers tied about their hats.
  • Houris The common house-fly swarmed about us in thousands of decillions, and though we were attended by houris, I at least did not consider myself in Paradise.
  • Houses "We're not having the houses we had when Miss White was here," he said.
  • Hairs And I put everything to the chance, and made not to escape any more; but ran straight in among the legs; and there were great hairs like to spines upon the legs, and these had pricked me to the death, but that the armour saved me.
  • Horses Of course it would be better to have other horses, but where are we to get them from?
  • horns Then, on my falling, he stepped down to the water, and stood there admiring hisself-his sharp horns an' fine legs-an' on my belly, all empty as 'twas, I crawled, an' crawled, an' crawled.
  • hoards The golden hoards are yours.
  • hogs The following afternoon, therefore, they set out, and made immediately for that part of the woods where they had seen and heard the hogs the day before.
  • hoes Then, with our hoes , we gave the rows a final dressing out.
  • hears One hears of you here and there in France.
  • heirs Perchance the angels who sang again the Christmas song, "On earth peace, good will toward men," lingered over the curate's home with a kindred feeling for him; for was he not, too, a messenger, sent "to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation"?
  • HS
  • HRS
  • HOS
  • HES
  • HONS
  • HOTS
  • HOSP
  • HOBS
  • HODS
  • HOLS
  • hoarser
  • hoers
  • hoses
  • hordes
  • unnoteworthy
  • affectibilities
  • affiancings
  • affirmings
  • affixings
  • in-seminations
  • meltings
  • sacrileged

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