What is the correct spelling for HOUARS?

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Correct spellings for HOUARS

  • hays We are too near these men to get their proper measure; the historian of the future will place their names on Canada's bead-roll:-Charles M. Hays , the forceful President of the Grand Trunk Pacific; Mackenzie and Mann; William Whyte of the Canadian Pacific.
  • hearse Augustus James told me, that the funeral procession consisted of a hearse and three mourning coaches, each of which was drawn by four horses; and he saw the sixteen animals under cover after their journey.
  • hoard And then the sudden disappearance of the hoard from its accustomed hiding-place, and in its stead the startling apparition of a golden-haired little child, found one snowy winter's night sleeping on the floor in front of the glimmering hearth.
  • hoarse They were still standing there when their comrades came running up, and Mattawa, who took down his light, broke into a great hoarse laugh.
  • hoary The old hoary headed pedlar came in good time!
  • horse Are you brave enough to wait here a bit by your mother's horse while I go on?
  • hour An hour went by and then another.
  • houri In the confusion which ensued, I heard Quick saying to his master: "No, no, sir; this one ain't no houri .
  • hours I thought you were asleep hours ago.
  • house I have just come from your house , and there is no one at home.
  • hus So at the Hus -Ting he appeared, The farmer of Yriar, Iron-Beard, On horseback, with an attitude defiant.
  • Has Anna Cresswell has been invited down to Gleasonton to visit at the Senator's.
  • Hers But still-" "Well, we must trust that look of hers."
  • Houris The bedroom adjoining mine was occupied by two of these Californian houris, whose habits were apparently not framed on Lucretian lines.
  • Houses The old wooden houses have almost entirely disappeared.
  • Ours Now, looking around over her shoulder, she said seriously, "That is father's affair, dear, not ours."
  • Yours He is yours, Amalia.
  • Sours Unused land is overgrown by weeds; unoccupied houses crumble and decay; food left exposed sours and molds; unused tools rust; and machinery left to stand idle gets out of order.
  • Haws If the flock was within hearing, it was astonishing to hear the loud chorus of haw-haws, and to see them come rushing over the same grove where a week before they had been fooled in the same way.
  • Hairs Outwardly they-his father, his grandfather, his aunt, Mrs. Trussit-had changed not at all; his grandfather the same old creature of grey hairs and cushions and rugs, his father broad and square and white in the face with his black hair carefully brushed, his aunt with her mittens and trembling hands and silly voice, Mrs. Trussit with her black silk gown and stout prosperous face-Oh!
  • honors You must do the honors of Cro' Martin, Mr. Crow.
  • hoards It showed boundless hoards of gold where the nasturtiums were banked in a crimson mass, and the mottled bells of the rank trumpet-vines sent forth a silent summons to the answering sunshine.
  • tours He died a schoolmaster at Tours .
  • hoes They had not cleaned the soil-there were horse-hoes, and every species of contrivances for the purpose; but they would not use them.
  • soars Like the lark, which soars highest, but builds its nest lowest, so with genius; it has humble beginnings.
  • hears I have known her to go to the church with the little baby, and I should think that when the Lord hears the music, and looks down and sees Annie Dorris and the child, He would forget a great deal when Dorris comes before Him.
  • roars After which he conducted the little girl into the tent and wrapped her in plaids, but he himself went out as quickly as possible as the briefly interrupted roars had broken out again.
  • hues Only were the hues of the foliage varied.
  • pours The door of it is opened, the light from it pours into the room, and on the threshold appears a Sister of Charity, who makes the sign of the Cross to announce the mother's death.
  • heirs Some of the young labourers are almost heirs to property in their eyes.
  • OARS Rob was very silent as his two brothers pulled away at the long oars.
  • HaaS "Whistle fur Hen," she said, "and give him that han'ful of marbles if he'll tell ye what his mother haas fur dinner th' day."
  • HOS On his off days-and he had five or six a week-Woodie'd been ornamentin' the top of tally-hos, and restin' up at such places as Rockywold and Apawamis Arms.
  • BOARS It's like hunting wild boars, isn't it?
  • fours You'd never guess, to see him, that he ran on all fours , would you?"
  • hoarser He fixed his eyes, which burned like two flames in blue cavities, on her and asked in a voice which sounded higher pitched and hoarser than usual: "What's your name?"
  • hoers
  • homers
  • hovers
  • unstriking
  • no
  • affectibilities
  • affiancings
  • godparenting

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