What is the correct spelling for HOULD?

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Correct spellings for HOULD

  • bold Human nature is what I like to look at; and if I may make so bold as to say it, I guess there's more human nature among the poor folk than among the rich.
  • cold It's too cold here.
  • could But who could he be?
  • fold No efforts were spared to obtain their good-will and to draw them into the fold , but there was absolutely no response.
  • fouled And so long as the executive power is money the poor will be kept out of their corner and fouled against the ropes; whereas, by what I understand, the German professor wants them to have their rights.
  • gold Much more gold was found than is generally supposed.
  • gould You might have left such things to May Gould .
  • halt They came to a halt , Jennie leaning against one of the dragon’s teeth, looking over at the city, Bob standing a little back from her.
  • haul "Stand by, to haul her up as she comes in," he shouted out, as he cast off the moorings.
  • healed "I felt sick," said Idris, "but the sight of the prophet healed me."
  • held I held her hand in mine hard for a moment.
  • hilt He has let me prove-prove to the hilt -that there is such a thing as a perfectly noble woman.
  • hoard A hundred florins I had spent on my journey, and there was a florin a day of present expenses; how, then, should I return home if I must use up my little hoard waiting and waiting?
  • hod And the man filled this hod with mortar, and he turned around and put the hod across one shoulder with the bottom of the trough resting on his shoulder.
  • hold I'll try to hold them back a moment!
  • holder The title was subsequently dropped, but for years it was used, and apparently enjoyed, by the holder .
  • holly "And last time when I chivied a Holly Blue, or it may have been only a Chalk Hill Blue, he cursed me like anything," lamented Ethelred.
  • holy Dear me, I hope I don't set up for being holy .
  • hood His lakri touched the hood .
  • hotly "You had no cause to say that last," he said hotly .
  • hound It was a boar-hound of foreign breed-Marston had a number of them, though Julia, of course, knew nothing of this.
  • hourly To this hourly speed of the sun must be added or subtracted the hourly speed of the ship according as to whether the ship is going in an easterly or westerly direction.
  • howl His Excellency sat in a cabin surrounded by a camp which had caused the dogs of war to howl for very shame.
  • hoyle The best and most complete edition of Hoyle published.
  • hud Hud and his wife and your mother are coming over soon.
  • hued A deadened thunder, rising from some fall and brawling shallow "rapid" of the river, was the only sound, except the hooting of an owl from some old ivied building, a ruin apparently, visible on the olive-hued precipice behind.
  • hula "Jackoway ditchen hula ," echoed Rea.
  • hulk A gory shell-like hulk slid back to the foot of the ramp.
  • hull Afterwards put to sea in the hull of an old house, where we were tossed above and below the clouds, being driven through thickets and groves by fierce, coarse, calm, and contrary winds: at last, was cast upon Salisbury plains, where our vessel was dashed to pieces against a cabbage stock.
  • loud It will be far too loud .
  • mold Mycelium of a Mold .
  • mould Risks from Leaf Mould .
  • mouldy There will be no mouldy penny in his house."
  • old Oh, you dear, old darling daddy!
  • should "But why should it matter?
  • sold 9420. Do you know to whom they were sold ?
  • wold So came the autumn, and passed, and the winter,-yet Gabriel came not; Blossomed the opening spring, and the notes of the robin and bluebird Sounded sweet upon wold and in wood, yet Gabriel came not.
  • would But she would not.
  • Haled So she too had been haled into the drama!
  • Hauled The great "Iron Stone" was hauled aboard the S. S. Hope, and brought to New York.
  • Heeled Gracefully she heeled over to it.
  • Hoed He's hoed out all this since dinner."
  • Holt The "Felix Holt " of the story is described by George Eliot as shaping his actions much according to the ideas which are here theoretically expressed.
  • Housed They would have saved, perhaps, a few pounds on the ton, but they could not find booths in which to put their fish at the season when they require to be housed.
  • Howled The wind howled and raged across Flanders with long, sinister wailings as it gathered speed and raced over the fields.
  • Hulled "You got hulled pretty badly; you let damage-control work on you, and don't strain the machinery till it's fixed.
  • Hurled And he almost hurled Nell into the captain's arms and leaped out of the saddle.
  • Told Have you told Athena?
  • Hilda Have a talk with Hilda and find out if she will move north with us.
  • holds They were all men from below Beaupre and from far Chicothomi where the Good Saint holds the hearts of all.
  • hailed If he'd hailed anchor watch loud enough, George would have gone off for him.
  • HOLS "Hilda's mother has written saying that Hilda is not to spend next hols with me; which was all arranged before the fuss began.
  • holed The German gunners cannot leave these mining villages alone, though they are as deserted as the Polar regions, with no cheerful Tommy's face to be seen through any of the empty window-frames, or through any of the holed walls or down any of the sand-bag shelters which used to be the homes of British soldiers when the fighting was closer this way.
  • hole Hole on ter me, for de Lor's sake, sonny!

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