What is the correct spelling for HOUOR?

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Correct spellings for HOUOR

  • boor "Someone seems to have been taking a great deal of trouble to make me out a regular boor ," said Jack, with his curt laugh.
  • door Not long after this the door was unlocked and Porler came into the room.
  • dour It showed strength and doggedness and will, along with some of the dour grimness of his fathers.
  • four "That's four ," he whispered.
  • hair You have such a lovely way of doing your hair .
  • hear It was good to hear .
  • heir Some one mentioned to me, the other day, that the heir will not succeed to even a fourth of the old property.
  • homer The one extreme is likely to result in an awkward, more or less unintelligible version; the other, as illustrated, for example, by Pope's Homer , may give us a work so modified by the personality of the translator or by the prevailing taste of his time as to be almost a new creation.
  • honor Are we on honor here, Mr. Massingbred?
  • honour Instinct told her that as long as he was at peace with his own conscience, his own sense of honour , Lingard would care mighty little what the world said-besides, the world would have nothing to say.
  • hood We had not been long at sea when our captain received orders from Sir Samuel Hood to stand in towards where the French fleet were supposed to be, and ascertain what they were about.
  • hooey "A bunch of hooey ," she snapped in reply, scowled at Boswellister and jerked her child complainingly down the street behind her.
  • hoof "There 's no tracks of a hoof on the gravel," muttered the old woman, in a broken voice; "there was nobody here!"
  • hook Men were dashing about in the middle of the street, shouting to each other, and an ancient fire engine had just been dragged into view, with the hook -and-ladder wagon trailing in its wake.
  • hoop In the case of the girl dancing in the hoop and leaping out of it there is no doubt.
  • hoot The cry of the bittern, coming up from the lagoon, the shriek of the potoo, heard through the sough of the cataract, and the hoot of the great-eared owl-all three true voices of the night-reaching his ears, admonished him that his hour of action had arrived.
  • horror Young as she was, Marjorie had a horror of discussing her personal affairs with a stranger.
  • hour Could you not watch with me one hour ?
  • houri Observing that everybody was bent on spoiling this popular little houri by emphatic admiration, I made myself conspicuous by a peculiarly British stony indifference.
  • hours I haven't got the key-old lady Hawley has got it, and she's gone to bed hours ago.
  • house Here we are at my house .
  • hover I reckon Tom must have had a hold of the foot and the gasket, and pulled 'em hover the yard when he tumbled.
  • how True, but how and why?
  • hue We then washed down decks, to try and get rid of the dark red hue which stained them; but buckets of water failed to do that.
  • humor The next night she was in a lovely humor when Alexander came around.
  • lour He sinks into the rigidity of profound thought, till his features lour .
  • moor Over the moor some twinkling light broke the black darkness and his candle blew in the wind.
  • poor The poor are not the only class that need help.
  • pour If one forgot to pour out a cup of tea they rushed to the conclusion that she was engaged to Ralph Denham.
  • sour Their bread was sour , when they took it out of the oven.
  • tour After that I shall have a tour to make on political affairs, through several States, and you will have a chance to see two thirds of the republic before winter."
  • Her Did Katharine think her right?
  • Our Why not take our own?
  • Your You can find your way?"
  • Hugh "Waveney has got his eye in to-day for certain," Sir Hugh said.
  • Huey "They will have to Huey up if they are comin'," said Miss Anderson.
  • Hui "Like Hui , the cook's fat poodle, beside a young lion," thought she to herself, as she noted the bustling step of the one and the independent and elastic gait of the other.
  • HUH Huh, I say-I would cut a purty dash, wouldn't I?
  • accroaching
  • afterparts

10 words made from the letters HOUOR

  • 4 letter words made from HOUOR:

    hoor, horo, hour, huor, ooru, ouro, rohu, uroh.
  • 3 letter words made from HOUOR:

    rho, uro.