What is the correct spelling for HOUSINS?

If you've accidentally spelled "housins" instead of "cousins", fear not! Mistakes happen. Here are some correct suggestions to fix that misspelling: cousins, housings, lousiness, housing, arousing, harness. Proofreading can help avoid such errors, ensuring your writing is accurate and effective.

Correct spellings for HOUSINS

  • cousins My cousins and I planned a camping trip for next month.
  • Horsing The riders were horsing around on their horses.
  • hosing During the hosing of the walkway, the water was so strong that it damaged the railing.
  • Houses The houses in the neighborhood were all boarded up.
  • housing It is estimated that over thirty percent of all homeless people are living in housing that is substandard or inadequate.
  • housings The newly built apartment complex has modern and spacious housings.