What is the correct spelling for HOW'LL?

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Correct spellings for HOW'LL

  • hall Then he opened his door and glanced about the hall. To the dark cave, the goblin's hall; Or in the castle he's pursuing Among the ghosts his own undoing; Or playing with the waterfall." – Idiot Boy, The by William Wordsworth
  • hello Hello, Betts, what's up? A chance for stage folks to say hello, Another op'nin' of another show. – Another Op'nin', Another Show by Unknown Author
  • hill Before she was half way down the hill, she met Winfield, who had come on the afternoon train. To read the gravestones on the hill; The graveyard draws the living still, – In a Disused Graveyard by Robert Lee Frost
  • hilly Unlike the neighbourhood of most watering places, the country immediately at the back of the town is hilly and well wooded.
  • hold We'll hold the lanthorn, and-why, how's this? From conning-tower to hold. They fought as they fought in Nelson's fleet; They were stripped to the waist, they were bare to the feet, As it was in the days of old. – The Ballad Of The "Clampherdown" by Rudyard Kipling
  • holey The middle was punched out of Spanish dollars, creating two parts: a small coin, known as a "dump" in Australia, and a "holey dollar".
  • holler Yes, Sah, he holler right down that chimney!
  • hollow The world's big, beyond The Hollow."
  • holly He went straight over to the Holly Sprig Inn, and I expect he did that because the inn was the last place he had seen his master.
  • holy For having danced on a holy day.
  • how Yes; how did you know?
  • howl They knew that the howl was a bad sign; but neither spoke.
  • howler But when winter comes, Howler and his friends get together and hunt in packs.
  • hoyle I saw her walking down the stream five minutes ago with Mabel Hoyle.
  • hull The action was continued till two in the afternoon, at which hour the English drew off with the loss of one ship of the line; taking in tow another, which was dismasted and damaged in the hull; and having sustained very great loss and damage in the rest of their vessels.
  • owl But the night he started to make a journey to the Old Pasture, his mind was so full of Old Man Coyote and Granny and Reddy Fox that he wholly forgot Hooty the Owl.
  • Holt Hugh, wondering how Mr Carnaby knew, at that distance, what was going on, found that Holt was no longer by his side.
  • Howell For about one year, at irregular intervals, a young minister of the name of J. B. Howell, devoted one hour each week to her instruction, and she made some advancement, novel as his method was; but in June last he went to Brazil as a missionary, since which time she has been without instruction until recently.
  • Howled He howled louder and louder, and struggled so hard that he broke away from his cords and bands.
  • Hal Sure I'll tell you about Hal-if I can."
  • Hollie
  • Holley Chopin's musical ancestry is easily traced; as Poe had his Holley Chivers, Chopin had his Field.
  • howls The cries and howls ceased as suddenly as they had begun.
  • HOLS
  • who'll
  • he'll My opinion is he'll stand on the law."
  • hole He jeered them, and said that the melon was excellent; until at last one of them swore he should not eat it all, and, putting his pistol through the hole in the door, shot his friend dead; they then walked away, laughing at their own cleverness in shooting him so neatly through the hole.
  • in-tangible