What is the correct spelling for HOWEVERY?

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Correct spellings for HOWEVERY

  • bowery Some said that Dolph Heyliger watched in the haunted house with pistols loaded with silver bullets; others, that he had a long talk with the spectre without a head; others, that Doctor Knipperhausen and the sexton had been hunted down the Bowery lane, and quite into town, by a legion of ghosts of their customers.
  • every This was what happened every day; and now she suddenly made up her mind that it should never happen again.
  • heaver "And used much as a coal heaver would use them.
  • hoary He was locked desperately with John Gale, who flung him about and handled him like a child, fighting like an old gray wolf, hoary with years and terrible in his rage.
  • hoover He scaned the remainder of the answer deliberately and with care, then handed it to Mr. Hoover, asking him to read it; the Judge meantime watching him with an intensified if not admiring gaze.
  • hosiery You would be surprised to learn of the vast army of poets and novelists and dramatists who dispense four-in-hands, collars, buttons and hosiery six days in the week and who go a-picnicking on the seventh, provided it does not rain.
  • hover Or was she-was she not rather devoted to his "interests," to those nebulous attendants that hover round a man like shadows in the night?
  • howe Lancaster answered in an eloquent and witty speech, and after a brief reply from Howe the case was submitted.
  • however I did, however, enquire about him yesterday.
  • showery His breezy and showery effects, blowing wind, rustling grasses, waving trees, and wet rain, were occasionally the subjects of banter from his fellow Academicians and others.
  • thievery The accumulated products of a century's thievery!
  • very "Very well," she said.
  • waver Bashville's color began to waver, and his voice to need increased control.
  • weary You have walk the long, hard way, and are very weary.
  • weaver This third was Sandy Weaver, an old hand, a little man characterized by his gentle eyes and soft voice and known across many miles as an individual in whom the truth did not abide.
  • wherever Go wherever you please; for the time you are the master here.
  • Hove I saw that the brig was riding at single anchor and hove short, and I expected that Dubois was waiting for an opportunity of slipping out of the harbour before the frigate was prepared to follow him.
  • Hovered The calf, tied helpless, lay near by, and the cow hovered close, uneasy, but lacking courage for a rush.
  • Howsoever Howsoever, no one ought to stand about hot wether in the sarvice of his country, even ef he don't git a salary, or have a contrack, or some brother or son where he kin make a pile.
  • Lowery By George H. Lowery, Jr.
  • Whoever See here, are you enough yourself to take care of yourself, if I leave you and go after them-whoever they are?
  • hewers Some kinds of workmen, especially coal-hewers, and iron-puddlers, earn twice that amount in good years, and are in fact better paid than schoolmasters, ministers of religion, and upper clerks.
  • Hoovers Oh, Dolly, I do try to be cheerful, but it's such a long time since they left me with the Hoovers!
  • hovers It is the belief of the Accaways that the spirit of the deceased hovers over the dwelling in which death took place, and that it will not tolerate disturbance.
  • we've That's all we've got to go on.
  • co habiting
  • far-stretched
  • over play
  • stopped to consider
  • stopped tracks