What is the correct spelling for HUN?

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Correct spellings for HUN

  • bun Margy and Mun Bun , who had been gathering shells and stones down on the sand, had come up to play in front of the house, on a bit of green lawn. I done put two sticks in my bun So they recognize me when I come I'm D-M-C like Run Listen mami I'm the muthafuckin one – Sticks In My Bun by nicki minaj
  • dun With Dun and Bradstreet, you call them for a credit report and they send it to you.
  • fun I've been doin' this for fun ."
  • gun "I think the old judge knew her father; pretty big gun on the island, you know.
  • han Aftre this, bezonde the vale, is a gret yle, where the folk ben grete geauntes of 28 fote longe or of 30 fote longe; and thei han no clothinge, but of skynnes of bestes, that thei han gen upon hem: and thei eten no breed, but alle raw flesche: and thei drynken mylk of bestes; for thei han plentee of alle bestaylle.
  • hen And he himself followed the little black water-hen who showed him all the shallow places in the river so that he crossed with the water never above his waist.
  • hub But somebody's breeding them in the Hub .
  • hud S: And they were overtaken by curse in this world and on the resurrection day; now surely Ad disbelieved in their Lord; now surely, away with Ad, the people of Hud .
  • hue Only two minutes ago the whole heaven was of the hue of my red Syrian cloak; and now it is all dark!
  • hug In Rosalie's fond, fondest love for him she often used to hug her love by making that catalogue of all his parts that has been shown not to be necessary.
  • hum Besides, I've a wife to hum ."
  • hun No less faithfully and splendidly than New Zealand was she engaged upon the enterprise the Hun had thrust upon the world.
  • hung How do you like being hung up by the heels?
  • hunk I returned no more that day to the counting-house, but, saying to my mother I had business, I went off, with a hunk of bread, to my boat, and down the creek to the Delaware.
  • hunt Sometimes, when the children are full-grown, they all hunt together.
  • hus It discharged the first of these offices by condemning Hus and Jerome of Prague to the stake.
  • hut It was a rude little hut that their father had built.
  • nun It will be remembered that the king implored her not to enter a convent in her youth, as she desired; and that he obtained her promise to refrain from being a nun till she should be thirty years old.
  • pun If I may be allowed a professional pun , it is built up on coughings.
  • run You know how that ship's run ?
  • shun I hurry from tree to tree to shun the light.
  • sun Then he glanced briefly at the sun .
  • tun You'd undoubtedly take the best care of him, and Mohr has even offered to move into the tun bodily as 'Vice-Edwin.
  • un "But there ain't no hot bread for un .
  • Mun This time Margy and Mun Bun, tired of playing with the shells and pebbles, went down on the beach to the driftwood pirate bungalow.
  • Hui Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, an autonomous region of the Peoples Republic of China, is made up of the following three levels of administrative division.
  • Jun Blind beetles, which cannot of course behold each other's beauty, never exhibit, as I hear from Mr. Waterhouse, jun.
  • HON The matter was, however, happily arranged on the Hon .
  • HUH Vell, anyway, you haf good muscle, huh?
  • Huns I've had a grudge against you yellow newspaper boys ever since the war-frothin' up your daily hate, an' makin' the Huns desperate.

2 words made from the letters HUN

  • 3 letter words made from HUN:

    hun, unh.