What is the correct spelling for HUTCHE?

If you're looking for suggestions to correct the misspelling "hutche", one possible option could be "hutch", which refers to a piece of furniture used for storage. Another option could be "hutchie", which can be a colloquial term meaning a small hut or cabin-like structure.

Correct spellings for HUTCHE

  • butch She loved wearing flannel shirts and leather boots, and some people thought she looked butch, but she didn't care about their opinions.
  • butcher My dad likes to buy his meat from the local butcher.
  • dutch I love the Dutch cuisine, especially their stroopwafels and bitterballen.
  • hatch The hen patiently waited for her eggs to hatch.
  • hatched The mother bird hatched her eggs and began caring for her chicks.
  • hatches The hen hatches her eggs in approximately three weeks.
  • hatchet The camper used a hatchet to chop firewood for the evening.
  • hitch I hope that nothing unexpected will hitch our travel plans.
  • Hitched My best friend got hitched last week and I couldn't make it to the wedding.
  • hitcher The hitcher waited on the side of the road for a ride.
  • hitches The moving process went smoothly, except for a few hitches with the truck rental.
  • hunch I have a hunch that we will find the missing keys under the couch.
  • hutch The rabbit was curled up inside its hutch, chewing on a carrot.
  • hutches The rabbitry is full of hutches for each of the bunnies.