What is the correct spelling for HUVERD?

When confronted with the misspelling "huverd", it is likely that the intended word is "hovered". "Hovered" means to stay or float in one place, especially in the air. So, correcting the spelling to "hovered" would provide the accurate word choice in such a context.

Correct spellings for HUVERD

  • herd She watched the herd of sheep cross the street.
  • Hived She hived the bees to harvest honey from their combs.
  • hover The drone can hover in place for up to 30 minutes.
  • Hovered She hovered over him as if she would want to help him, but he could not bring himself to let her.
  • hovers The butterfly hovers above the flower before gently landing on it.
  • Hubert Hubert is a rhinoceros.
  • hued The sky was beautifully hued with shades of pink and orange during the sunset.