What is the correct spelling for HUVERS?

If you meant to write "huvers" but it's not a recognized word, there are several possibilities for what you intended. Perhaps you meant "hover" or "hovers", which refer to floating or being suspended in the air. Alternatively, you might be referring to "hoovers", which is the plural form of "hoover" meaning to vacuum.

Correct spellings for HUVERS

  • avers She avers that she will not participate in any unethical activity.
  • haulers The haulers will take all the trash away.
  • havens During times of great stress or worry, many people turn to quiet, peaceful havens for comfort and solace.
  • haves The haves of the society often tend to ignore the plight of the have-nots.
  • heavers
  • Hers Hers is the bigger of the two backpacks.
  • hives I have been getting these hives on my neck for the past few days.
  • hoers
  • Hoovers Mrs. Smithers never seems to do anything but Hoovers her living room floor.
  • hovels The homes of the poor were often hovels.
  • hover I hover over my coffee mug.
  • hovers The helicopter hovers above the building, waiting to airlift the injured to the hospital.
  • hues The sunset was a beautiful display of warm hues of orange, pink, and purple.
  • hullers Some fishermen in the area use hullers to haul in their catch.
  • hummers I love hearing the hummers in the morning.
  • hurlers Watch out for the hurlers!
  • louvers I adjusted the louvers on the window to control the amount of sunlight coming in.
  • quavers The singer's voice quavers with emotion during the heart-wrenching song.
  • quivers The little boy's lip quivers as he fights back tears.
  • shivers The thought of being alone in the dark forest sent shivers down her spine.