What is the correct spelling for HUZAH?

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Correct spellings for HUZAH

  • ha But Sammy Jay is sharp, and he noticed right away that Peter didn't answer but began to talk about other things, "Ha, ha !"
  • hahn A similar beginning occurs in Hahn , 56, "Pepper-corn."
  • hash "What a hash I've made of it.
  • hausa He barked at them in Hausa and the older answered him in the same language, though there seemed a certain awkwardness in its use.
  • haw To exchange London and its pwesyaws for a wesidence among those haw -ed niggaws-deaw, no-I could nevwaw think of such a voluntawy banishment; that would be a baw-a decided baw!
  • hay The hay cannot be touched; it must lie a day till sufficiently dry.
  • hays By Hiram W. Hays .
  • haze There might have been a little haze on the hills in the early morning.
  • hazy It was a soft, hazy night with no moon.
  • hue Her snow-shoes were of the hue of winter.
  • hula He stared out across the bush, a flat expanse of sun-cured grass interspersed with thickets of hula -scrub and thorn and occasional groves of trees, criss-crossed by treacherous ravines and spotted with infrequent waterholes.
  • hurrah It is lovely at home-hurrah!
  • hus My hus -Lord John went on shore some time ago.
  • hush Hush, Betty, some one will hear you.
  • hussar All her acquaintance, more especially the feminine portion of it, were astounded when a report was suddenly circulated that she was smitten with Franz Meineck, a simple, fair-haired hussar , with nothing to recommend him save his handsome face and his fine chivalric bearing.
  • hutch A pair of ducks lived here in a wooden hutch , and would come waddling up to be fed with bread, which the girls saved from breakfast for them.
  • hz With a transmitter supplied with unrectified A.C. at 400 Hz .
  • Has "What else has she got?
  • Hath "My father hath just returned.
  • Hugh Why, here are the General and Hugh !
  • Haws John may be a good-natured critter, tho' I never see'd any of it yet; and he may be fond of a joke, and p'raps is, seein' that he haw-haws considerable loud at his own.
  • Hui Tong Hui Yee Minister Foreign Affairs..............
  • hues Notwithstanding they were so closely mingled, the difference between the gorgeous coloring of the setting and the fresh hues of the rising sun was clearly though delicately defined.
  • HS Polly gave one of her long-drawn "O-hs," then slipped out of bed, and began to dress so slowly that Martha said to her,- "What are you dreaming about now, Polly?"
  • HaaS Judge Haas of the Municipal Court of Gary thus commented on those arrested in the demonstration: "All except Capolitto have failed to become citizens.
  • HUH Si'Wren was so distracted by observing the giant that she forgot herself and suddenly had to look at Nelatha and say foolishly, "Huh?
  • hurrahs The strangest thing of all was that one part of the company went on dancing without hearing a single note of the music, for first at one table, and then at another, songs were shouted, or toasts given, amidst the most crazy uproar and clinking of glasses and hurrahs .
  • huzzah The moment they got a glimpse of their captain, men, women, and children ran off like mad to the waggon, clapping their hands and shouting, "Huzzah!
  • hazer Then to Westminster Hall, and there spent an hour or two walking up and down, thinking 'para avoir' got out Doll Lane, 'sed je ne' could do it, having no opportunity 'de hazer le, ainsi lost the tota' afternoon, and so away and called my wife and home, where a little at the office, and then home to my closet to enter my journalls, and so to supper and to bed.
  • unnoteworthy
  • unstriking
  • godparenting
  • goodtempered
  • schizo-phrenic
  • similizes
  • similizing

4 words made from the letters HUZAH

  • 4 letter words made from HUZAH:

    hauz, hazu, zhah, zuha.