What is the correct spelling for HWICH?

If you often find yourself misspelling "hwich", here are some possible correct suggestions to help you out: "which", "witch", "switch" or "twist". Remember, spell-checkers can be useful, but improving your vocabulary and practicing spelling exercises will ultimately make you a better speller. Keep learning!

Correct spellings for HWICH

  • hatch She opened the hatch to retrieve the toy.
  • hitch I hope we don't encounter a hitch on our road trip.
  • hooch I'm going to get some hooch.
  • hunch I have a hunch that he is lying.
  • hutch I found a little hutch in the attic.
  • swish The basketball made a swish sound as it went through the net.
  • switch I need to switch the light off when I leave the room to save energy.
  • twitch I was concentrating on my game when I twitch and lose my focus.
  • Which Which book do you recommend for me to read next?
  • wish I wish that I could go back to the past.
  • witch I think my sister is a witch.