What is the correct spelling for HWLP?

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Correct spellings for HWLP

  • alp
  • gulp
  • hale Even as candle-flames Hast thou taken the souls of men, With winds from out a hollow place; They are hid in the abyss as in a sea, And the gulfs are over them As the weight of many peaks, As the depth of many seas; Thy shields are between them and the light; They are past its burden and bitterness; The spears of the day shall not touch them, The chains of the sun shall not hale them forth.
  • half Well, half of it was true!"
  • hall And there, right in front of me in the hall was-Father.
  • halo When the little lane turned full towards the moon, it seemed as if Siegmund and Helena would walk through a large Moorish arch of horse-shoe shape, the enormous white halo opening in front of them.
  • halt When we had gone half a mile or so-until then I did not feel comfortable myself, and though I thanked Heaven the place existed, thanked Heaven also that I was out of it-I bade him halt.
  • hap And when I let it be known, by some hap, that I was the own cousin of Tom Faggus, and honoured with his society, there was not a house upon the road but was proud to entertain me, in spite of my fellow-traveller, bearing the red badge of the King.
  • harp He carried a harp in his hands.
  • hasp She turned the key with a wrench, and the hasp shot from its place.
  • heap That trip East last summer did her a heap of good.
  • held "Be quiet," shouted Mary and held out her hands.
  • helm As the first, the sovereign who should succeed next, was a boy of nine, it was of infinite importance to settle who during the time of his minority should stand at the helm.
  • help I can help a little, mother.
  • hemp "For the exterior framework thorny twigs, old rags, hemp, thread-pieces, and coarse grass are more or less used, and compactly worked together.
  • hep
  • hill
  • hilt Wallace seated himself on a stone, and leaned his head upon the hilt of his sword.
  • hip
  • hold
  • holy
  • hoop Presently she said she was going, hesitated, looked a very earnest good-bye, and darted away across the park, her hoop over one arm, the crimson roses bobbing above her shoulders.
  • hop
  • howl
  • http
  • hula
  • hulk Three weeks later he rescued what remained of the crew of the shattered, bloody hulk of the Baltimore Belle, eight of whose crew, headed by the captain, had been tied hand and foot and heaved overboard.
  • hull
  • hump "You are only a kid, you know; but all the same, don't let them treat you like one, and if you get the hump over there, just you cable me.
  • kelp
  • lp
  • pulp Should the sauce be already quite thick with the pulp of the tomatoes, use less thickening.
  • whelp
  • yelp
  • Hals
  • Heep
  • Holt
  • Hal
  • helps
  • howls
  • HOSP
  • HOLS
  • he'll
  • hole
  • afterglows
  • in-tangible