What is the correct spelling for HYGEIN?

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Correct spellings for HYGEIN

  • again I turned about again . Nor thou nor I can feel again. Yet how much less it were to gain, – And Thou Art Dead, As Young and Fair by george gordon, lord byron
  • begin Yet now, when to cheer me the crickets begin, And my pipe is just happily lit, Believe me, my friend, tho' the evening draws in, That not all uncontested I sit. – The Wind Is Without There And Howls In The Trees by Robert Louis Stevenson
  • fagin In the Sketches by Boz he might well have visited a workhouse where he saw Bumble; in the Sketches by Boz he might well have visited a prison where he saw Fagin .
  • gain Her father's love she bade me gain; I went, and shook like any reed! I strove to act the man---in vain! We had exchanged our hearts indeed. – Exchange, The by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  • gen
  • gin We had all pintedly gin it a wide berth, and kep' ourselves on t'other side of the house, 'cause all such places is harryfying; but this morning, I thought I would open the outside blind door on the west gallery, and look in through the glass door.
  • haven I really haven 't thought much what I'd like her to be.
  • hawking So that only a man who is very anxious to be instructed in the sport of hawking would waste his time and go to this trouble?
  • hegel It was Hegel , I think, who said that all art implies the expression of a truth, of a thought or feeling, to a person.
  • hegelian Who but an Hegelian philosopher, cries Professor James, ever pretended that reason in action was per se a sufficient explanation of the political changes in Europe?
  • helen Do not speak so sadly, Helen .
  • hen Then up to him came Mell the Hen -wife's son.
  • herein I confess that, although I must herein seem to many of my readers old-fashioned and conservative, I should not like to see any woman I cared much for either in parliament or in an anatomical class-room; but on the other hand I feel that women must be left free to settle that matter.
  • hogan The men behind Grant-Dooley, Hogan , Casper Herdicker, Williams, Davis, Chopini-joined him.
  • hooking He tried hooking a small finger inside the corners of his mouth; he tried it with teeth together and teeth apart.
  • hoyden And Miss Selina smiled at Ruth who fully understood the remark and clapped her hands delightedly at her aunt who had been a hoyden so long ago.
  • huge Huge fires were kindled outside the hut, and several days were spent in cutting up and drying the flesh.
  • hugging A good many men in the company were killed, but, as it happened, not one of the men from the district was among them, until one day when the company after a fierce charge found itself hugging the ground in a wide field, on the far side of which the enemy-infantry and artillery-was posted in force.
  • huggins The results recently obtained appear to be on the whole as consistent as can be expected in such delicate observations, and they support in a remarkable manner the conclusions of Dr Huggins , with regard to the motions of those stars which he examined.
  • hussein After our futile attempts to penetrate into the Mahri country, there was nothing left for us but to start again in our boat for Sheher, and rely on the promises which Sultan Hussein al Kaiti had given us the year before of sending us under safe escort to the eastern portion of the Hadhramout valley, which must contain much of interest, not yet having been explored by Europeans; so we set sail again, and were soon passing country that we had ridden over on camels.
  • huygens In the 1650s, Huygens made the first pendulum that worked practically in a mechanical clock.
  • hyena Meanwhile, the hyena -like rove-beetles, having hedged themselves within a barricade of their malodor, proceeded to feast, quarreling with one another as such cowards are wont to do.
  • hygiene It is remarkable, that, while the healing art is proverbial for its sects and uncertainties-amid the disputes of homoeopaths and allopaths, mineralists and herbalists, stimulators and depletors-there is a pretty general agreement of parties on the laws of hygiene , or the art of preserving health.
  • hygienic The general, but non-specialist, opinion upon the Isthmus is not as sanguine as that of Colonel Gorgas upon the hygienic future of the white race in the tropics.
  • hymen Then he who had spoken before said, "By Hymen , the bride should kiss something.
  • hymn He made a short prayer, which was followed by a hymn .
  • hyphen I say, you know, where's Hyphen old top?
  • skein All was perfectly still except for the dash of the stream over the rocks; but from one or two houses a thin skein of smoke was rising straight into the air.
  • Hacking The sun beat on them, and the insects in the grass waving above them buzzed and hummed, or burrowed in the warm moist earth upon which they lay; over their heads the invisible carriers of death jarred the air with shrill crescendoes, and near them a comrade sat hacking with his bayonet at a lump of hard bread.
  • Hying
  • Hoeing
  • Hogging
  • Hiking
  • Hayden
  • Heine
  • hocking
  • huger
  • harking
  • hieing
  • airinesses
  • in-flexibly

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