What is the correct spelling for I'ILL?

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Correct spellings for I'ILL

  • ail
  • al Listen, why don't you and maybe Joe and Al come down and give me a hand after school?
  • ali "No, I never knew of such a thing," said Ali .
  • all All are to go.
  • ally Go to bed now, Ally .
  • bill I'm working out a daily bread-bill.
  • dill Heere holy Veruayne, and heere Dill , Against witchcraft much auailing.
  • ell "We-ell, maybe," confessed Dot.
  • fill Many words won't fill a bushel.
  • gill This is shown in the saying, "Every Jack should have his Gill , or Jill"; and the same notion was conveyed by the sobriquet "haymaids."
  • hill But it's no good, Hill .
  • icily I-I- There is nothing more to be said, she went on icily .
  • idyll It is not the idyll of the "Pastoral Symphony," but akin to it as an expression of some exquisite moment of thought or feeling, an ideal instant "in which, arrested thus, we seem to be spectators of all the fulness of existence, and which is like some consummate extract or quintessence of life."
  • ii 98 Accolti, Bernardo, ii .
  • iii 4, 3. The letter iii .
  • il The first days of April were like summer.
  • ilk 12th; where, inter alia, it is expressly declared, "That it shall be lawful to the kirk ministers, every year at least, and oftener, pro re nata, as occasion and necessity sall require, to hald and keepe general assemblies, providing that the king's majesty, or his commissioner with them, to be appointed be his highness to be present at ilk general assembly, before the dissolving thereof, nominate and appoynt time and place, quhen and quhair the next general assemblie sall be halden: and in case neither his majesty nor his said commissioner beis present for the time, in that town, quhair the said general assemblie beis halden, then, and in that case, it shall be lesum for the said general assembly be themselves, to nominate and appoint time and place, quhair the next general assembly of the kirk sall be keeped and halden, as they have been in use to do these times by-past."
  • ill I hope she is not ill ?
  • mill He left his home, his society and his mill to do battle for his country.
  • oil I saw the oil -" "Never mind.
  • oily Wherefore, the oil of grace, signified by this oily tree, or these olive-posts, on which these doors do hang, do cause that they open glibly or frankly to the soul.
  • pill "You an' me will be good friends, I've no doubt," said Emily, "an' you can call me Mrs. Pill , that being the name of my late 'usband, who died of gin in excess.
  • rill See, said Sybil, pointing to the little singing rill ; Nature is unsympathetic.
  • sill Maurice walked to one of the windows and perched himself on the broad sill .
  • till Stay here with me till I go down!
  • will
  • Jill
  • Eli
  • Ella
  • Ila
  • Ilia
  • ills
  • LL
  • UL
  • ISL
  • ILEA
  • it'll