What is the correct spelling for IDDEA?

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Correct spellings for IDDEA

  • ada His cousin's sister-in-law, Ada .
  • add To the watch time of the morning sight, add the corrected time to noon.
  • added "I am not going," said Hardy, quietly; "I am never going," he added , as he took her other hand.
  • adder Antony exclaimed, and in an instant the adder was nothing more than a terrified rustle in the brushwood.
  • aide Paul Delroze took the aide -de-camp aside: "Sir," he said, "you will please tell the Emperor that the Comtesse Hermine von Hohenzollern made an attempt to assassinate the commander-in-chief.
  • bidder So anxious are they at the South that every poor African should have a good, kind master to attend to the wants of his soul, and support him in old age, that, if a stray negro is taken up running at large without an apparent owner, and for any cause he cannot legally prove his freedom, even though he does really own himself, he is nevertheless advertised, and sold at auction to the highest bidder , to pay the expenses occasioned by his own capture and detention.
  • edda But henceforward-let's take as our point of departure the second quarter of the nineteenth century-each generation in the country has indeed produced some outstanding literary works, comparable in quality with the accomplishments of the ancient classical Edda and saga periods.
  • eddy Mr. Eddy didn't put up with no drunkards on the canal.
  • eider She opened a closet door and took out a thick eider -down robe, which she tossed across a chair.
  • i'd I thought I'd better wait."
  • ida "You certainly made the big hit last night, Win," said Ida rapidly.
  • idea But at least give me an idea !
  • ideal In fact, it is an ideal spot for my purpose.
  • ides His ides of March or June.
  • idle But Slosson's hands were not idle .
  • idler The boy who smokes habitually will find it much easier to waste his time in day-dreams and gossip, and tends to become a loafer and an idler .
  • india If I were on the right side, it would not be my part to leave India .
  • iota He might love her, indulge her, adore her, but he could not change his fixed and immutable character one iota .
  • iud
  • jidda
  • odd "It is an odd thing.
  • ode Poor Collins' Ode to the Passions, on and off the stage, is torn to very tatters.
  • oder Maype he trinks ret ink gocktails, like de Injuns; maype he trinks Florita Vater, oder golone.
  • udder It must be seen, however, that the calf has ability to clean out the udder of the cow; if part of the milk is retained, the cow must be milked by the hand.
  • Ideas No doubt they had suggested to her some of her new ideas.
  • Idem Virgil names three kinds of Pears which he received as a present from Cato:- "Nec surculus idem, Crustaneis, Syriisque pyris, gravibusque volemis."
  • DEA But man proposes, and a small dea ex machina may dispose.
  • Eddie "As a matter of fact, Eddie , I was curious to see what you would do.
  • Addie "I love Addie ; and I don't believe she'd marry in any such way.
  • Aida This matter settled, Peggy and Mrs. Valentine, with Brewster and Pettingill, walked over to the Scala and heard again the last two acts of Aida .
  • Kidder In the way that art is always truer than a literal report, A Tenderfoot Bride brings out truths of life that the literalistic A Cowman's Wife by Mary Kidder Rak misses.
  • IKEA
  • ILEA
  • odder And she married one of de odder boys."
  • ID "Id iss der miracle, Mr. Vynne," admitted the German gravely, after a little pause.

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