What is the correct spelling for IE9?

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Correct spellings for IE9

  • be 13,861. Did they not leave be cause they did not want to be bound to fish?
  • ce The formal address 'Marce Tulli' is also ironical.
  • de Madame, vere's de old voman?
  • die I shall never see you again, and I shall die .
  • fe He averred he had seen the blood-stained Santa Fe saddle that had been taken off the horse when the horse was found at daybreak of the day following the fight, waiting at Sassoon's corral to be cared for.
  • ge One of these symphonies, that in C major, the largest and grandest in conception, Schumann chose and sent to Leipzig, where it was soon afterward produced under Mendelssohn's direction at one of the Ge -wandhaus concerts, and produced an immediate and profound sensation.
  • he He did not know it now.
  • hie And now out of thy sight I will me hie ; See thou make thee ready shortly, For thou mayest say, this is the day That no man living may 'scape away.
  • i'd If I'd given it a thought, I'd never have done it."
  • ia My niece Maria is married to a market-gardener there, a Mr. Dennett; he's a most respectable man, and he took quite a fancy to Jamie.
  • ice They raised it again, the boy moved his hand over the ice , it sank into it, they held it a moment only, and went off to the ship.
  • ii It occurs in vol ii .
  • ike "Don't tell that to Barnes when he shows up to-night on Ike Jones's stage," commanded Britt.
  • il That seemed to take her fancy, an' after that she was always askin' me how little April was-but not when Mr. Loneway was in hearin'.
  • in Sure you won't come in ?
  • io In the meantime a rebellion had broken out in Rio Grande do Sul against Julio de Castilhos, the radical republican governor.
  • ir Ir order to assure me that you consent, send me some article which you have worn.
  • ire He told him that the Zeeland regiment, vacant by Sidney's death, and which the Queen wished bestowed upon Russell himself, had been given to Count Solms; a circumstance which was very sure to exite her Majesty's ire ; but that the greater number, and those of the better sort; disliked the alteration of government, and relied entirely upon the Queen.
  • iv 40 367 Camp and Cloister 1842 iv .
  • le At about half-past nine we set off on foot for the Col de Balme, having first given directions to our new man to meet us at Le Tour at two o'clock.
  • lie Let him lie down again and try to think quietly.
  • me It would be better for them to sell their fish to me 6d.
  • ne In Floris and Blancheflor, for example, a much condensed version of a descriptive passage in the French is introduced by the words, "I ne can tell you how richly the saddle was wrought."
  • pie We respect women more than any other people, and I think we show them more true politeness; we let 'em have their way more, and get their finger into the pie right along, and it's right we should: but we don't make fools of ourselves about them, as a general rule.
  • re He saw that the girl wanted to re ad and re -read the good news to herself, and draw pictures of all that was coming.
  • se Does you want to se e folks, Marse Comyn?
  • tie There ain't anything to tie to.
  • vie Vie des Abeilles, La.
  • Fie Now when we find thee and rejoice at sight of thee, thou scornest us like a pack of thieves or birds of such a feather, and playest the judge sitting above us;-fie, Hanschen, 'tis not kind of thee.
  • I'm I believe I'm right.
  • It I 'spect 'e's 'eard 'em talkin' 'bout it arft.
  • Oe I remember, in 1838, being at the head of St. Vincent's Gulf, early in September, and seeing flights of these birds, and Nymphicus Novoe-Holl.
  • ID 335. Plumatella stricta, id. Oh, when will we be rid Of monsters of the id – Monsters Of The Id by Stan Ridgeway
  • ie She briefly served on picket duty off Ie Shima, but Burke’s duty was cut short on 30 June, and she sailed for the Philippines.
  • old-fashioned While all in favour of old-fashioned Christmas fare, here we draw the line.
  • easy-going The roads of his soul lie clear, and he and his friends shall find easy-going .

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