What is the correct spelling for IELT?

If you've misspelled "ielt", fret not, here are some possible correct alternatives. It could be that you meant "IELTS", which stands for the International English Language Testing System. Alternatively, if you were referring to "elt", it may denote "English Language Teaching". Double-check your intended meaning to ensure accurate communication!

Correct spellings for IELT

  • BELT I always wear a belt with my pants because they tend to fall down without it.
  • CELT The ancient Celtic civilization is known for its rich mythology and traditions.
  • ELT ELT (English Language Teaching) is an important component of language learning.
  • FELT She felt a sense of accomplishment after completing the difficult task.
  • I ELT
  • IE LT
  • IELTS I took the IELTS exam last year to prove my language proficiency.
  • KELT The Kelt people were known for their fierce fighting skills and elaborate metalwork.
  • MELT I accidentally left the ice cream on the counter and it started to melt.
  • PELT The rain began to pelt the roof of the house.
  • WELT He had a large welt on his arm from when he fell off his bike.