What is the correct spelling for II?

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Correct spellings for II

  • ai "Ai vai!" Goldman exclaimed, rocking to and fro in his chair and striking his head with his clenched fist. Zui mei Zai sheng ming de zhuan wan lu kou yu jian le ni Yu jian le ai Rang na yi xie cha jian er guo de yi han – Te Amo (Wo Ai Ni) by F4
  • bi Graduate coaches used to get together on the side line and figure out what we'd do to Yale if we had eleven men like Bi .
  • ci In 1752, this ci devant princess, accompanied by her French husband, visited Paris, and as she was walking in the Tuileries was seen and recognized, after all those years of change, by Marshal Saxe, who, however, gallantly promised not to betray her secret, and kindly procured a commission for her husband in the Isle of Bourbon, whither the strangely assorted couple went.
  • gi The Alaska Satellite Facility began as a single-purpose receiving station known as the Alaska Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Facility located in the Geophysical Institute (GI) at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.
  • hi Tsing Hi remained meek.
  • ia Elections: Territorial Assembly-last held 16 March 1986 (next to be held March 1991); results-percent of vote by party NA; seats-(41 total) Tahoeraa Huiraatira 24, Amuitahiraa Mo Porinesia 6, Pupu Here Ai'a 4, Ia Mana 3, Front de Liberation 2, other 2;
  • ii 338, 350, 352, 381, 392, 401, 405, 414, 460, 489, 495, 496, 502, 503, 504. Buonavita, ii .
  • iii "A life that leads melodious days," is like that of Vopiscus, in his Tiburtine villa, as described by his friend, Statius, I., iii .
  • il Between St. Angelo and La Sangle was the harbour where all the ships of war were shut up at night by an immense chain; and behind was il Borgo, the chief fortification in the island.
  • in "I will go in and see him-I will be ruled by what he says to me.
  • io "But why should you do so, Mr. Mario?
  • ir 34: Ir selbs sich selbst.
  • iv Who are th' frinds iv th' Irish?
  • ix Caxton, William, ix , 1 sq.
  • li One day she was chasing a ship of Trip-o-li.
  • lii LII. 8vo, cloth, uncut edges.
  • mi The stench, the buzzing flies, the half-dried blood, the groans, and the cries of "O, mi madre!"
  • ni Again, Quichua has an 'alpha privative'-thus A-stani means 'I change a thing's place;' for ni or mi is the first person singular, and, added to the root of a verb, is the sign of the first person of the present indicative.
  • pi Turn to the Mole[518] which Hadrian reared on high, Imperial mimic of old Egypt's pi les, Colossal copyist of deformity- Whose travelled phantasy from the far Nile's Enormous model, doomed the artist's toils To build for Giants, and for his vain earth, His shrunken ashes, raise this Dome: How smiles The gazer's eye with philosophic mirth,[pi] To view the huge design which sprung from such a birth!
  • ri But Bibi-Ri was the last I should have credited with a share in their darker meaning.
  • si 9, 'Quidnam futurum est, si crearit liberos?
  • ti Oh, the good old summer ti -i-me!
  • vi Explicit the noble tale of Sir Launcelot du Lake, which is the vi .
  • vii In 1 Corinthians vii .
  • wi "She's ower the border an' awa Wi ' Jock o' Hazeldean!"
  • xii 13-16, 39, 40, xii .
  • If You should have told me of it if you knew.
  • It It was a challenge.
  • OI The diphthong oi is the vowel o + the semivowel y. The diphthongal sound in roi is the vowel o + the semivowel w. In roi the semivowel element precedes, in oil it follows.
  • WII The Biggest Loser is a video game for Wii and Nintendo DS.
  • ID 5. Trochospongilla latouchiana, id.
  • ie IE TCD MS 1440, Book of the de Burgos: Burke Seáan Mac Oliverus, d.