What is the correct spelling for IIRE?

If you have mistyped "iire", fear not! You might have meant to type either "fire" or "tire". These two words could be the correct suggestions you were looking for. So, double-check your spelling and make sure you choose the right word next time. Keep going!

Correct spellings for IIRE

  • DIRE The situation grew more dire with every passing minute.
  • EIRE US citizens can travel to EIRE without a visa for up to 90 days.
  • FIRE The firefighters worked hard to extinguish the fire that had spread throughout the building.
  • HIRE Our company has decided to hire new interns for the upcoming project.
  • I IRE I cannot calm my ire at the thought of someone mistreating animals.
  • II RE
  • IRE The politician's controversial statement ignited the ire of many of his constituents.
  • LIRE
  • MIRE The car got stuck in the mud and mire.
  • PIRE
  • SIRE The young prince would one day become the sire of his own kingdom.
  • TIRE I need to check the pressure on my car's tires before embarking on a long road trip.
  • WIRE I need to replace the wire that connects the computer to the printer.