What is the correct spelling for IMMUEN?

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Correct spellings for IMMUEN

  • acumen Thomas, he believes that a man cannot be a great lawyer who is nothing else,-that exclusive devotion to the study and practice of the law tends to acumen rather than to breadth, to subtlety rather than to strength.
  • airman A man who was directing the workers was proven to be the airman when some one called his name-Graham.
  • amen This was good news-anything was good news, in fact, that broke in upon this sickening suspense; had Lionel been informed that the deer had taken alarm and disappeared at full gallop, he would have said "Amen!"
  • amman Greetings, Colonel, it seems a long time since last we met in Amman .
  • commune Without the Catholic Church all Europe would be in the throes of the Commune .
  • ermine When the clouds of war were gathering round her, Virginia entrusted her safety and her honor to his sword; and when the returning light of peace shone upon her hills and valleys and over the green savannahs of the East, and he had withdrawn from the arena of his splendid fame, she invested him with her ermine , which he wore with becoming grace to his dying hour; and she stood in tears at his tomb.
  • imbue The warm air, redolent of spices and flowers, the riotous profusion of richest foliage, and the depth of colour in sea and sky, imbue Ternate with the glow and glamour of fairyland.
  • immense In population and its number of houses St. Petersburg is exceeded by several European cities; but its area is immense .
  • immune We thought we were wonderfully immune until the bombs began to drop on Pearl Harbor.
  • immure So this haughty patrician would rather consign his child to splendid misery in the arms of a man she abhors, leading her too probably to vice and disgrace, or would immure her within the profane walls of a convent, than see her wedded to one she loves, because his fortune does not equal what he, in his vanity, considers necessary to support her in grandeur equal to her rank.
  • impugn Drummond's oxygen light; and on the other hand, how frequently are the bluest azure of heaven and the most balmy airs shed upon the heart bursting with affliction, or the head bowed with grief; and without any desire to impugn , as a much high authority has done, the moral character of the moon, how many a scene of blood and rapine has its mild radiance illumined.
  • men Athena Maule did not know Hew Lingard with the intimate knowledge she had known other men who had loved her.
  • mien So, desiring to conceal his emotion, he assumed a very stern mien and, addressing the little girl, said: "Nell, before you eat, take the rest of the quinine."
  • mourn To mourn is to feel or express sadness or distress because of some loss, affliction, or misfortune; mourn ing is thought of as prolonged, grief or regret may be transient. One may grieve or mourn , regret, rue, or sorrow without a sound; he bemoans with suppressed and often inarticulate sounds of grief; he bewails with passionate utterance, whether of inarticulate cries or of spoken words. He laments in plaintive or pathetic words, as the prophet Jeremiah in his "Lamentations." One deplores with settled sorrow which may or may not find relief in words. One is made to rue an act by some misfortune resulting, or by some penalty or vengeance inflicted because of it. One regrets a slight misfortune or a hasty word; he sorrows over the death of a friend.
  • oman Children of Oman , shall it be so?
  • omen So the poor man got his shilling after all; and we considered it a favourable omen of success in getting a house.
  • Icemen Two grocers going to the city in the morning train agree that they will charge seven dollars a barrel for flour during the ensuing week; two icemen, to harvest only a thousand tons of ice.
  • Imbuing On speaking with her of the responsibility of her profession, and the importance of imbuing the minds of children with just principles, she said, "I am desirous of instructing the children in the religion of the heart.
  • Immuring "Listen to me," said he one day to her, as she had been urging to him the terrible risk he encountered-for she seemed to have no eyes for the certain immuring in a convent that awaited her-"listen to me, dearest Isabella; the ship is now nearly ready; she will sail in three or four days at farthest, and will sail at ten or eleven o'clock at night, to take advantage of the land-breeze.
  • Mun The school who believe in State intervention are the more numerous; they are led by Count Albert de Mun and the Marquis de la Tour de Pin Chambly, have a separate organ, L'Association Catholique, and are supported by a large organization of Catholic workmen's clubs, founded by Count de Mun .
  • Oilmen But their subcastes show that even this small body is of very heterogeneous composition; for they are divided into the Teli, the Kalar, the Kunbi and the Gadiwan Dangris, thus showing that the caste has received recruits from the Telis or oilmen and the Kalars or liquor-sellers.
  • Imogene "Imogene," he pleaded,-"Imogene, calm yourself.
  • airmen Our airmen , if they had thought it worth while mounting, would have stared down into this white mist and seen nothing else.
  • IMUS In this juncture, Decimus Brutus, surnamed Albinus, one whom Caesar had such confidence in that he made him his second heir, who nevertheless was engaged in the conspiracy with the other Brutus and Cassius, fearing lest if Caesar should put off the senate to another day, the business might get wind, spoke scoffingly and in mockery of the diviners, and blamed Caesar for giving the senate so fair an occasion of saying he had put a slight upon them, for that they were met upon his summons, and were ready to vote unanimously, that he should be declared king of all the provinces out of Italy, and might wear a diadem in any other place but Italy, by sea or land.
  • admen

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