What is the correct spelling for IMMUN?

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Correct spellings for IMMUN

  • airman "The airman has offered a prize for the best name for his machine," Ethel Brown read from the Daily at breakfast one morning.
  • amen Louie half expected him to add: "Amen."
  • amman One of the guides told me that they call this the Amman Gate of the old city; for that, in ancient times, there were two brothers, one named Amman , and the other Jerash.
  • emu The emu kept on, but still it did not gain upon us sufficiently fast to make us abandon the hope of coming up with it.
  • imam He also looked fixedly down, turning his eyes to the mihrab, and listening attentively to the chanting of the Imam , of whose Arabic recitation, however, he could not understand any more than Paul himself.
  • imbue On the other side the moon, Half-melted into thin blue air, stood still And pale and fibrous as a wither'd leaf, Nor yet endured in presence of his eyes To imbue his lustre; most unloverlike; Since in his absence full of light and joy And giving light to others.
  • immense He was conscious of his own immense fatigue.
  • immune Since that time I have journeyed much on the lakes and on the ocean, in calm and in storm, but have ever been immune from that distressing torture.
  • immunity Even this device does not bring about the desired immunity from trouble.
  • immunize Now suppose, with all their intelligence and force of organization-not to mention that mysterious and terrible unknown intelligence that leads them-they find a way to whip the ants once for all, and to immunize themselves to climatic changes?
  • immure He had no doubt taken away those slaves who had been employed to immure his unfortunate nephew, and with the object of leaving no one who could throw any light on the fate of his victim.
  • imo 122. Inter nudos bibunt, imo potant.
  • impugn This at least is the most obvious inference to draw; the burden of proof should rest not with those who uphold function as the most important means of organic modification, but with those who impugn it; it is hardly necessary, however, to say that Mr. Darwin never attempted to impugn by way of argument the conclusions either of his grandfather or of Lamarck.
  • in 9739. Are you always paid for them in goods?
  • inn A wet Sunday in a country inn !
  • ion As M'Ilraith was now in a strong hold, Marion pursued him no further.
  • limn He is wont in every city he entereth to limn her likeness, and I follow him, and longsome is my way."
  • man I know of only one man here who has done it.
  • men Not any for me or for the men .
  • menu I'll get you a menu card, so that you can be picking out your dinner.
  • mien At length the Captain rose, and re-entered Piccadilly; but how different his mien and bearing!
  • min As Mean unfolded the position lying between her sister Min and the merchant Shen Heng, Lin grew thoughtful, and, although it was not his nature to express the changing degrees of emotion by varying the appearance of his face, he did not conceal from Mean that her words had fastened themselves upon his imagination.
  • mn
  • mon
  • mourn I do not ask him not to mourn, Such cold request might sound like scorn; – Giaour, The by george gordon, lord byron
  • oman
  • omen But when he came at length to the words Priscilla had spoken, Words so tender and cruel: "Why don't you speak for yourself, John?" Up leaped the Captain of Plymouth, and stamped on the floor, till his armor Clanged on the wall, where it hung, with a sound of sinister omen. – Courtship of Miles Standish, The by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  • un To the thigh pressing un- Der the table. It's a very short day Till you're stuck with just one – The Miller's Son by Unknown Author
  • Aiming A platoon of goons with heaters aiming I drew the Mac 10 and started flaming, they did the same and Slugs spraying and blood raining, I left about seven thugs laying But this one cat was gaining, he grab the dame and – A Thug's Love Story (Chapter I, II, III) by Kool G Rap & DJ Polo
  • I'm
  • Imbuing A perfume rose from her mouth into her nostrils, and caused her bones to melt, imbuing her body with delicious warmth.
  • Immuring "I crave thy pardon for immuring thee in the sea fortress.
  • Mun "Tha' must take off tha' cap," he said to Colin, "an' so mun tha', Ben-an' tha' mun stand up, tha' knows."
  • Ian
  • miming I have no Arabic, but from the Jew's miming and from the words Joustees of the peace, Joustees of the peace, which he keeps repeating, I get the gist of what he is saying.
  • airmen Before leaving the enemy had broken them and tried to hide the damage from the view of our airmen by putting up straw screens.
  • MINN " 3 Blue Earth, Minn .
  • IMUS

9 words made from the letters IMMUN

  • 3 letter words made from IMMUN:

    min, mum, nim, uni.
  • 5 letter words made from IMMUN:

    mnium, mumin, nummi.
  • 4 letter words made from IMMUN:

    numi, ummi.