What is the correct spelling for INGOING?

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Correct spellings for INGOING

  • aging Rapidly agin'. Please get out of the new one If you can't lend your hand For the times they are a-changin'. – THE TIMES THEY ARE A-CHANGIN' by Bob Dylan
  • angina
  • angling
  • encoding
  • engaging
  • engine You went to the fire-engine house; and then to the left after the court-house was Mr. Proctor's; and then, all at once, the town.
  • enjoin Humility is one of the essential qualities, which her precepts most directly and strongly enjoin , and which all her various doctrines tend to call forth and cultivate; and humility, as has been before suggested, lays the deepest and surest grounds for benevolence.
  • hanging I see him; he's always hanging about trying to catch sight of her.
  • imaging
  • incoming
  • ingenue
  • ingot She showed him, when they got up to his room at last, little things Hubert had given her-carved nuts, a Spanish coin or two, and an ingot of gold-but of which she would say nothing, but only laugh and nod her head.
  • ingrain Just before my arrival in Friendship she had bought a respectable frame house in the heart of the village,-for a village will have a heart instead of having a boulevard,-and with her daughter Emerel she had set up a modest establishment with Ingrain carpets and parlour pieces, and a bit of grass in front.
  • ingrown
  • inguinal
  • inkling
  • inning
  • longing
  • nagging
  • oncoming
  • ongoing
  • ranging
  • sinking
  • snogging
  • undoing
  • urging
  • winking
  • Angering
  • Bunging Pitch your tun at 64, giving four gallons of solid yest at once, and cleanse the second day, or in forty-eight hours; fill as already directed, and put into each barrel one handful of fresh steeped hops before bunging down.
  • Dunging He omitted such confidential details as Mary was dunging the potato-patch, or he had just mended his trousers; he filled his pages instead with ingenious reflections which he supposed, and not without some justification, had possibly not occurred to the minds of thinkers in the past.
  • Egging But he did not have his wish-for there was soup that was not good; soles that had become torn and tattered in the extraction from the frying-pan; veal cutlets, whose golden egging and crumbing had been in vain, for this coating had dissolved apparently into the sauce.
  • Encoring
  • Engorging
  • Enjoying
  • Inching
  • In-going
  • Injuring
  • Inking "Quite right, quite right," nodded their host approvingly, inking another glass of grog, which, by the way, was the sixth he had taken since he came in.
  • Inuring
  • Invoking
  • Kinking Her skirts were very short, and her legs were very long and thin, so that she reminded one of a young colt kinking up its heels for a scamper about the pasture.
  • Linking
  • Lunging
  • Nicking
  • Pinking Now, what's the use of pinking your cheeks any more at that, as if you didn't know it before?
  • Ganging
  • irking
  • bonging
  • unyoking
  • finking
  • nuking
  • tangoing
  • banging Banging the table, Khlestakov declares he will not go to the gaol, but will complain to the Minister of the Interior; and the governor, trembling and terrified, pleads that he has a wife and little children, and begs that he may not be ruined.

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