What is the correct spelling for INJOYS?

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Correct spellings for INJOYS

  • enjoy And she is girl enough to enjoy her power, is Sally.
  • igneous The social life of ancient Java, comprising public ceremonials, domestic occupations, architecture, agriculture, navigation, drama and music, is memorialised by succeeding terraces of the igneous rock which sufficed for the old-world sculptor as the medium of his Art.
  • injury You think I've done you an injury .
  • inky All time was deep gray twilight or inky darkness, and there was no day.
  • onyx And the rulers brought the onyx stones, and the stones to be set, for the ephod, and for the breastplate; and the spice, and the oil; for the light, and for the anointing oil, and for the sweet incense.
  • INS "We don't know all the ins and outs of that business," said Westover, after a moment.
  • Enos The leading characters of Genesis-Adam, Enos , Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph-seven in number, represent the seven chief stages of the soul's existence which follow each other like the notes in the musical scale.
  • Ines The officer of the Marines came up.
  • Incomes They who frequented it were persons of small fortune, retired subalterns in the army, or clerks in public offices, and such like petty respectabilities who preferred to herd together, and make no contrasts of their humble means with larger, greater incomes.
  • Inlays And at the top you see more inlays of precious stone.
  • envoys And heaps willing to act as diplomatic envoys .
  • enjoys Perhaps, now that you've forced him to come out into the open, he enjoys being a storm-center, as they call it out here.
  • incurs The man who is deficient in them, indeed, incurs guilt; but a certain discharge of them may arise from mere natural, or even selfish feeling, unconnected with any sense of responsibility; and this consequently conveys no impression of moral approbation.
  • annoys But my execution annoys most of them, and all the scholastic ones.
  • injures A kind heaven may forgive him, and the one he injures may overlook the offence; but his own body and mind cannot forget; they have registered the deed once for all and it can never be atoned for or forgotten.
  • enjoins And hence arises a practical inference, viz, that the very same reason, and no other, which formerly enjoined the use of the compound or fractional date, viz, the prevention of a capital ambiguity or dilemma, now enjoins its omission.
  • nooks Nooks and Corners of Cornwall.
  • icons He makes the icons and religious pictures for many of our monasteries and great churches.
  • ingots Not buried treasures-Spanish doubloons or ingots , my boy, but nature's own treasures.
  • inns I did not neglect, before the departure of Mrs. Clarke, to display all my eagerness, by sending round to numerous inns and stable-keepers, to enquire whether any post-chaise had been hired, that should any way accord with the circumstances.
  • inks The letter, which appeared to have been written in great perturbation, and at two or three different times, with different inks , was from a brother officer of Lord Mowbray's.
  • IONS It's scattered by ions, like light by mist-droplets.
  • INCS
  • Ninjas Ghetto syringes tooken with spy ninjas – Ghetto Syringe by Wu Syndicate
  • invokes Folly He views with infinite compassion-the foolish man is as a lost sheep whose very helplessness invokes our pity.
  • afterwhile
  • butcherings
  • cartages
  • dis-continuity
  • dis-continuous

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