What is the correct spelling for INUP?

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Correct spellings for INUP

  • gnp
  • imp I lost all sight of her for six weeks, and in that time never gave her a thought; but when I found her with her lover at her side and saw her vow herself to him, for reasons only known to the imp of perversity I discovered that she was my long lost affinity.
  • in It is in Messrs.
  • inapt So far as appearance went the comparison was not inapt .
  • inca He was known to the Indians as Huallpa-Inca, while the Spaniards called him Bohorquez.
  • inch Had she moved an inch she would have frightened them away.
  • incur He himself explained the reason of this order, forbidding that any official should incur any debt above twenty shillings without the assent of the prior and convent, as had been the custom heretofore.
  • inept Some quite inept person in a high position would have effectually prevented it.
  • info To read it, type info bash.
  • inge Playing the Parlour Game which consists of guessing at what point in an article on hydraulics, elegiacs or neo-Platonism Dean Inge will burst into his daily attack on the Church, he wrote: The Dean of St. Paul's got to business, in a paragraph in the second half of his article, in which he unveiled to his readers all the horrors of a quotation from Newman; a very shocking and shameful passage in which the degraded apostate says that he is happy in his religion, and in being surrounded by the things of his religion; that he likes to have objects that have been blessed by the holy and beloved, that there is a sense of being protected by prayers, sacramentals and so on; and that happiness of this sort satisfies the soul.
  • ink Here,-here," she said, reaching blindly for pen and paper, as she seated herself at Elmore's desk, "give me the ink , quick.
  • inky The clouds now rolled in volumes over the mountain tops; their summits still bright and snowy, but the lower parts of an inky blackness.
  • inn And where was the inn ?
  • input Rynason twisted himself so that he could speak directly into the input of the speaker.
  • inuit All an Inuit has to do is to get food and skins for himself and his family.
  • inure Let his yearning heart, with whatever anguish, inure itself to the thought that the beloved "city of his solemnities" is not the final and enduring Jerusalem.
  • lineup As he approached, he saw the lineup before the distribution counter was motionless.
  • nap On most days he looked in, ate his dinner and had a nap on his straw, but he was not what you would call a home-keeping dog.
  • nip The next day, as she sat by her window up-stairs, she looked out at the first nip of winter.
  • np
  • onus Redmond declined, on the ground that the initiative should come from someone who was not there as a politician; but he admitted that the onus of making a proposal was on Home Rulers.
  • snap As the smoke swept back in another direction there was a snap above.
  • snip The Reverend Arthur sighed, and half turned away to snip off two or three tendrils from a vine-shoot above his head.
  • sunup With my husband at work from sunup until dark, it's often lonely here.
  • up Richard Maule sat up in bed.
  • Inc Detailed information on game bird production can be obtained from More Game Birds in America, Inc .
  • Ind It had all the mystery ind freshness of the world's beginning; it was the rush of waters where sea and river meet, the perfume of a flower, and the far light trembling from a star.
  • Ing He motioned them forward and turned away, shoo-ing everybody else out of the room.
  • Into Perhaps it is not altogether to be wondered at that immediately after Miss Tripp's departure Elizabeth found occasion to glance into her mirror.
  • INS Susanna's anger cooled in a new curiosity, and she said: "You needn't bother to lead me, Madam Sturtevant, I know the ins an' outs of this old house pretty well, even if I don't come to it often.
  • Ina In a minute she heard her husband once more beginning to hum the refrain about Ina .
  • Inez Inez started with surprise.
  • Ines At a word from the Corporal Dick flew up to the house with Elsie at his heels, to ask his mother's leave, and meanwhile the serjeant asked the Corporal if he knew anything of the deserter from the Marines whose description was on all the churchdoors, as he was said to be somewhere in those parts.
  • inns I had somewhat got over the loss of Larry, but it made me very sad when I had to answer the questions put to me about him by the people of the inns where we had before stopped.
  • INT Judges 3,500 5 Collectors Int .
  • INF 318 and 543 for willan with similar omitted inf.
  • INRI
  • INDY We got out to Rio right enough; but we couldn't get a full cargo back, and the captain determined to cruise among the West Indy Islands and fill up his ship.
  • pinup
  • afterwhile
  • algospasms

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