What is the correct spelling for ISSOMEONE?

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Correct spellings for ISSOMEONE

  • anemone In his face-sky shines the fullest moon; * In his cheeks' anemone glows the sun: He so conquered Beauty that he hath won * All charms of humanity one by one.
  • assamese The concurrent testimony of the Assamese , that the Dihong is the Yaru, on its southern course to become the Burrampooter, renders this point as conclusively settled as any, resting on mere oral evidence, is likely to be.
  • assume No cabinet minister is present, to lead the House, as in England, and assume all the responsibility of the president's action.
  • assuming By her calculation it was not far from the hour when Geoffrey might be expected to arrive at the inn, assuming Geoffrey to have left Windygates at the time agreed on.
  • eocene Even in the Eocene , about five per cent of marine shells were of species still living, and in the Pliocene the proportion had risen to more than one half.
  • iceman I made a very good one; which was, to creep down, all the way down the back stairs, and hide behind the cellar door, and slip out and escape when the iceman came at dawn, while he was inside filling the refrigerator; then I would hide all day, and start on my journey when night came; my journey to-well, anywhere where they would not know me and betray me to the master.
  • immune Even my study table is not immune from its magic spell.
  • insomnia Was it that they might have a survey of all the day's deeds and examine them under the cruel black beams of Insomnia ?
  • isomer A third single isomer 3,9-Di-trans-annulyne could be obtained in three steps from hexabromocyclododecane.
  • omen It did not strike me as omen .
  • ozone In October, when the lights are cool and white and the sea is an opal; when you smell the ozone strong as violets, and at every turn of the road a cart confronts you, heaped with bronze seaweed and stuck with a couple of pikes that rise stark against the sky-line, to suggest the taking of the spoils.
  • sermon How was it that though both the ladies had sat under a thundering discourse from Mr. Dismal Horror that morning-they had never once since thought or spoken of him or his sermon -never even opened his exhilarating "Groans"?
  • simony In 1628 the fellows of King's, in a petition to John Williams, the Bishop of Lincoln, charged the provost with bribery, simony , and other matters; but Williams found the charges groundless, and attributed the dissatisfaction to Collinss biting wit.
  • someone We should like to, but it is an impossibility; there is always someone who knows us.
  • summon Summon your will, and beseech the gods no more, for they turn not aside at the cries of men!
  • Essene Resolute and strong as the Essene was, his face contracted painfully.
  • Icemen 1999: Calgary Wolfpack: 17 – Calgary Gators: 2 1998: Calgary Gators: – Calgary Wolfpack: 1997: Red Deer Sooners: 7 – Edmonton Icemen : 3 1996: Calgary Wolfpack: – Red Deer Sooners: 1995: Calgary Wolfpack: – Red Deer Sooners: 1994: Red Deer Sooners: – Edmonton Seminoles: 1993: Red Deer Sooners: – Calgary Wolfpack: 1992: Calgary Wolfpack: – Red Deer Sooners: 1991: Red Deer Sooners: – Calgary Crude: 1990: Calgary Wolfpack: – Calgary Crude: 1989: Calgary Wolfpack: – Red Deer Sooners: 1988: Calgary Raiders: – Calgary Crude: 1987: Calgary Raiders: – Red Deer Redskins: 1986: Calgary Raiders: – Calgary Crude: 1985: Calgary Raiders: – Calgary Thunder:
  • Oarsmen The line was cast off, the negro oarsmen began to pull away, and the poor red-coat took his doleful journey back to Nassau.
  • Summoner Finally the monks resumed their seats; there entered clerks in seemly black with pens and parchment; the red-velveted summoner appeared to tell his tale; Nigel was led in with archers pressing close around him; and then, with much calling of old French and much legal incantation and mystery, the court of the Abbey was open for business.
  • Osman Let the invaders enter Central Bulgaria in force, and expose their flanks to Abdul-Kerim in the Quadrilateral, and to Osman Pasha at Widdin; then the Turks, by well-concerted moves against those flanks, would drive the enemy back on the Danube, and perhaps compel a large part of his forces to lay down their arms.
  • Simone It was a barbarous singularity of Simone , promiscuously to admit different proportions on the same plane: to flank or cross figures of natural size with figures a third less than nature.
  • seamen Are they not good seamen ?"
  • isomers He fought his way desperately through that wall, which seemed of the consistency of soft rubber or treacle, as if some subtle change had taken place in its molecular isomers .

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