What is the correct spelling for ITDOES?

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Correct spellings for ITDOES

  • aides About three o'clock one of General Slocum's aides came to General Taylor with orders to cross the bridge at once, we moved down and crossed, and were directed to move obliquely to the left and take position in a large field which was a clover field, in echelon.
  • ides Well, the ides of June have come, Sister Wade!
  • litotes "In fact, this was one of the artifices to which the genius of the Greek language had recourse, to avoid speaking presumptuously of the future: for there is an awful, irrepressible, and almost instinctive consciousness of the uncertainty of the future, and of our own powerlessness over it, which, in all cultivated languages, has silently and imperceptibly modified the modes of expression with regard to it: and from a double kind of litotes , the one belonging to human nature generally, the other imposed by good-breeding on the individual, and urging him to veil the manifestations of his will, we are induced to frame all sorts of shifts for the sake of speaking with becoming modesty.
  • odets Furious sallies of the besieged, led by Odets von Teligny, supported by the cannon of the fort, destroyed all the works of the Spaniards, and an inundation, which was effected by opening the sluices, finally drove them away from the place after a three weeks' siege, and with the loss of nearly two thousand killed.
  • Dadoes Dadoes or friezes can be divided off with the tiny beading which frame-makers use, or with a painted line, which must be straight and evenly done.
  • Dittos Eventually, however, we were rigged up at a well-stocked clothing establishment in suits of dittos which would hardly have passed muster in Bond Street, but which did very well for our purpose.
  • Ideas And what ideas must these have been?
  • Indies Yes; the West Indies .
  • Its The crew started forward and the Captain held the bugeye to its course to the strange island.
  • Tidies These Little Sweep would fashion into curtains and tidies for the little cottage of their dreams.
  • Utes Mr. Buckman cast his lot with Burlen's Utes .
  • Ids The French in Canada, Louisiana, Florida, Hayti, the Carib Islands, Cayenne and Brazil; but have gradually lost all those colonies, except Cayenne and a few Carib Ids .
  • undoes Each lapse is like the letting fall of a ball of yarn that is being wound; a single slip undoes more than a great many turns will wind again.
  • dots Yonder again behind a black bush can be seen two glittering dots .
  • idols In vain shall we say Do not worship idols , until the true object of adoration is supplied, for the heart must and will prostrate itself at some shrine.
  • diodes We didn't have diodes in 1924. My generator didn't need diodes .
  • editors Mr. Peary's own captain, who had cross-questioned my Eskimos for Mr. Peary, later stated to two magazine editors that my companions had described to him the instruments I had had.
  • items And there are scores of minor items , all sources of profit, that have to be neglected.
  • idiots "There are some young idiots ," he said, "who go about to these literary tea-parties.
  • outdoes Launceston stands in a category by itself; though both the preceding towns are fairly hilly, it outdoes them magnificently in that respect!
  • idles Coniston Water, that oozes out from under the loam in a hundred places, on the eastern slope, gathers into a rushing stream to cleave the very granite, flows southward around the south end of Coniston Mountain, and having turned the mills at Brampton, idles through meadows westward in its own green valley until it comes to Harwich, where it works again and tumbles into a river.
  • TOTS If I've made light o' having little tots, I wasn't talking about him, for he hadn't come.
  • ODES They are expressed with vigour and directness; but they want the subtle irony which pervades the Satires, Epistles, and Odes of Horace.
  • TIDES Become familiar with soundings, rise and fall of the tides, and the like, in the neighborhood in which you intend to anchor.
  • DOTES "She passes the greater part of the time with Eugene's mother; whose only consolation is her society, and who dotes on her with a mother's tenderness.
  • ID'S An oily Teutonic voice spoke just at his elbow: Id's eight o'clock, I zee.
  • TOTES I suppose so, unless she totes herself off!
  • it's It's not never true!
  • aircondition
  • backnumber
  • envigorate

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