What is the correct spelling for ITTEM?

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Correct spellings for ITTEM

  • ate And so this first assertion of the equality of man was given to those who all ate the same spiritual meat and drank the same spiritual drink.
  • atm Komm, atm ', und ruh' hier Aus in meiner Umarmung, Von der zu schrecklichen Schlacht!
  • atom What atom of a heart do I retain Not all yours?
  • em Fresh wild roses with the dew on 'em.
  • emitter The kit consisted of a bright emitter triode in an oscillating circuit.
  • idiom She turned toward Wray, who was coming back in their direction, addressing him in the idiom she heard among young native-born Americans, and which accorded best with her position in the studio.
  • item The item was in regard to the small-pox, and the attending physician.
  • otter The sea otter , now extremely rare, is so highly valued for its fur that it soon may become extinct, although completely protected by law.
  • stem And yet no voice joins in a cry without deepening it: every one who rushes with a crowd makes its impulse more difficult to stem ; his individuality is not lost by its partnership with a thousand more; and he is accountable for what he contributes to the result.
  • tam He ask all tam , 'Vot for?
  • tame By these demands expectation and faith were intensified; while the tidings of such confidence on one side, and such tame submission on the other, goes far to explain the suspicions and the rage of Pharaoh.
  • team "I played left guard on our team last year, and I had just been chosen for center on the freshman team , at Franklin High, when I left there," was the whispered reply.
  • teem Geologists visit this cavern with much interest, as the sides teem with the remains of marine creatures which lived and died in the waters when these islands were gradually undergoing the process of formation.
  • term Term in its figurative uses always retains something of its literal sense of a boundary or limit. The articles of a contract or other instrument are simply the portions into which it is divided for convenience; the term s are the essential statements on which its validity depends—as it were, the landmarks of its meaning or power; a condition is a contingent term which may become fixed upon the happening of some contemplated event. In logic a term is one of the essential members of a proposition, the boundary of statement in some one direction. Thus, in general use term is more restricted than word, expression, or phrase; a term is a word that limits meaning to a fixed point of statement or to a special class of subjects, as when we speak of the definition of term s, that is of the key-words in any discussion; or we say, that is a legal or scientific term . Compare BOUNDARY; DICTION.
  • time Sequence and succession apply to events viewed as following one another; time and duration denote something conceived of as enduring while events take place and acts are done. According to the necessary conditions of human thought, events are contained in time as objects are in space, time existing before the event, measuring it as it passes, and still existing when the event is past. Duration and succession are more general words than time ; we can speak of infinite or eternal duration or succession, but time is commonly contrasted with eternity. Time is measured or measurable duration.
  • timer The deal is made, and a bargain, old-timer, is a bargain.
  • tm Project Gutenberg-tm eBooks are often created from several printed editions, all of which are confirmed as Public Domain in the U.S. unless a copyright notice is included.
  • tom And Tom did, too.
  • tome Soon, as was to be expected, she could not endure these accusing words, even herself; and throwing the slim volume pell-mell in the fire, bought and embarked upon a more ambitious tome .
  • totem From one lip hung the inevitable toothpick which seemed to be the totem pole of these regional tribes.
  • tum Cicero, in his defence of Archias, attests the eagerness with which Greek studies were cultivated during the early years of the century; 'Erat Italia tunc plena Graecarum artium ac disciplinarum, studiaque haec et in Latio vehementius tum colebantur quam nunc iisdem in oppidis, et hic Romae propter tranquillitatem reipublicae non neglegebantur.
  • ute Then the sorrowing woman removed to the Abbey of Lorch which her mother, Frau Ute , had founded.
  • utter "You mustn't ask me to judge Lingard"-the words were difficult to utter , and he brought them out with difficulty.
  • Idem The following lines, for instance, read more like the bare statement of a chronicle, or of a legal document, than an extract from a poetical narrative:- Cives Romani tunc facti sunt Campani; and this Appius indixit Karthaginiensibu' bellum; and these lines enumerating the various priesthoods established by Numa,- Volturnalem Palatualem Furrinalem Floralemque Falacrem et Pomonalem fecit Hic idem.
  • I'm I'm sure that will look nice.
  • It It was Barton Reeve.
  • Tim "No, Tim , I expect not.
  • items We're making more of a feature of personal items than ever before.
  • DEM "Listen," continued the other, "I been feelin' awful bad because I told dem fellers I didn't know him.
  • ITO Guabo-n'ito means fruit or Guava pear of man!
  • DIEM That's how I became 33702 Private Phineas McPhail, A Company, 10th Wessex Rangers, at the remuneration of one shilling and twopence per diem."
  • AIRTIME However, their use can also result in unbalanced allocation of airtime where there are a mix of clients with and without Frame-Bursting.

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