What is the correct spelling for IV'E?

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Correct spellings for IV'E

  • dive Then he got his feet against the wall and pushed hard, and went plunging across the chamber in a sort of floating dive . When someone takes a dive Surface breakers and Undertakers surround All but the fairest faces alive – Further Away by iq
  • eve 22. From Eve Corner 6d. But Time, to make me grieve, Part steals, lets part abide; And shakes this fragile frame at eve With throbbings of noontide. – I Look Into My Glass by Thomas Hardy
  • five Here they could be found from five in the morning till twelve at night. Leaving the house around quarter to five Zipped up my boots and I'm ready to ride And I feel so high, I feel so alive – Make Over by Christina Aguilera
  • give What course did I give you, sir? I'll give As long as i live – Funny Thing Happened On My Way To Love by Barbra Streisand
  • hive He watched in fascination as the restless miniatures of the planet's life swarmed and seethed like a hive of bees, each one clicking into place to form the entire beast. One step closer to redemptions hive I can hear all the angels cry For me there is no truthful lie There will be no remorse. My spirit is alive – For All Our Sins by kataklysm
  • ice I then concluded that what I had before taken for ships were only these lumps of ice . Yet warmed not the hearts, her nice Disdaine had first congeal'd to ice. – Lucasta's World Epode by Richard Lovelace
  • ike Roos was exultant over the way that mighty mass of rough wood charging down a rock-walled canyon was going to photograph, and Ike was proud as a peacock over the Thing he had brought into being. Oh, do you remember sweet Betsy from Pike She crossed the big mountains with her lover Ike – Sweet Betsy from Pike by Eddy Arnold
  • ire The ready ire which could flame up in Mrs. Becker leaped out then.
  • iv Iv coorse ye didn't.
  • iva She was looking at Iva , who shrugged her shoulders significantly.
  • ives Grace, we have before mentioned, had become a real member of that church in which she had been educated, and had entered, under the direction of Dr. Ives and Mrs. Wilson, into an observance of its wholesome ordinances. It'll be like a picture print, by Currier and Ives these wonderful things are the things we remember through our lives! – Sleigh Bells Ringing by Neil Diamond
  • ivy He wore a crown of ivy on his flowing curls, a panther-skin hung over his shoulders and he held a crooked staff in the right hand. Aye yo, they got me poisoned like ivy Y'all been waiting for them boys to come try me – Thunder In The Air by terror squad
  • jive The album includes singles, remixes, and album cuts from Ciaras time with Jive Records, in which she released her first four studio albums. FROM THE CORPORATE JIVE OR YOU'LL LOSE YOUR POWER TO KEEP LIFE ALIVE – No Regrets by nuno
  • live You see how handsomely we live . Sleeping on sidewalks is how people live Begging for something, no one wants to give – Fountain & Vine by oleander
  • rive In January 1976, the actress Carol Burnett was dining at the Rive Gauche restaurant in Georgetown, Washington, D.
  • vie Vie Vernon, as a publicly engaged young lady, was paying a round of visits to her fiance's relations, but Mr and Mrs Vernon had come up as usual, arranging to keep on their rooms, so that they might have the satisfaction of being in Cambridge when the Tripos List came out. Ma vie My ohh, my – The Last Laugh of the Laughter by Travis
  • wive
  • Ave "Ye must 'ave a ter'uble knowledge of the world, Mister!" said Twitt, thoughtfully-"Just ter'uble!"
  • I've And I've been to Zoppot."
  • IVS Absolute Beginners (Full Length Version)" – 8:00 "Absolute Beginners (Dub Mix)" – 5:42 issued in a gatefold sleeve 12": EMI America SPRO 9623 (US) "Absolute Beginners (Edited Version)" – 4:46 "Absolute Beginners (Full Length Version)" – 8:00 includes exclusive "edited version" Download: EMI iVS 838 (UK) "Absolute Beginners" – 5:36 "Absolute Beginners (Full Length Version)" – 8:00 "Absolute Beginners (Dub Mix)" – 5:42 Download: Amazon.
  • ie 22 stated, “The Print Collector’s Quarterly summed up the taste and concerns of many American and British print collectors of the first four decades of our (ie the 20th) century.