What is the correct spelling for IWANT?

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Correct spellings for IWANT

  • ant How hard the ant was working!
  • ante One can look beyond into an ante-chamber, and farther on, through a wide door-way whose curtains are drawn back, into a thickly planted garden, which at the end of its middle path shows a little of the surrounding wall.
  • anti Any visit would have been an anti-climax; a visit now from Roy-it was Roy-was even welcome for that reason.
  • aunt You take aunt home, Kate, and I'll follow on as soon as there is any news."
  • await Please telephone now, and I'll explain while I await their coming.
  • innate It was for the latter reason that the heir, aided by the War-Lord, took his revenge in a manner so crafty, so subtle, and so typical of the innate cunning of the Hohenzollerns.
  • inward His most inward and neerest friends and, among others Florac, knewe it, and said nothing unto him, preferring his duty to his Prince before all affection.
  • iowan Luckily, Christabel and her Iowan had disappeared.
  • vaunt How vaunt and prophecy were fulfilled, all the world knows now.
  • viand Some told their feats in beggary; others, their achievements in theft; not a viand they had fed on but had its appropriate legend; even the old rabbit, which had been as tough as old rabbit can well be, had not been honestly taken from his burrow; no less a person than Mim himself had purloined it from a widow's footman who was carrying it to an old maid from her nephew the Squire.
  • wand The thing was a freshly-peeled willow wand, left upright where one end had been thrust down into the soft earth.
  • want Did she really want to do that?
  • wind There haint nothin' like enough wind.
  • wont As I crept forward, I felt my heart beating more than it was wont to do,-not from fear, certainly, but from anxiety to succeed.
  • Ain't Hope it ain't a-gwine to stay; Yes, Ah do!
  • And And what is he now?
  • Went Before that I went out from Lerwick.
  • Ind D. Flamsburg, 4 Ind.
  • Into And we might run into something, and never see it?
  • Waned As the summer waned and green things disappeared from the garden he deserted that also, going wider and wider afield in his night's hunting.
  • Won't "She won't have anything to do with him.
  • Irwin H. C. Irwin is a writer of thought and culture, who uses his experience of foreign travel to admirable purpose in an interesting book.
  • Wanda Wanda was much changed.
  • INT
  • ONT
  • isn't
  • be-wildered
  • be-wildering

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