What is the correct spelling for JAKUB?

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Correct spellings for JAKUB

  • cab He bade the driver wait, and placed that part of his luggage in the cab which consisted of his half-finished invention and the materials for completing it.
  • cake It was then seen that he held in his mouth the larger portion of the cake which had been given him.
  • cub Cub laughed once more good naturedly, and lowered the muzzle of his revolver.
  • gab Gall me a gab !"
  • garb Now, many people will ask if Don Luis had thus suddenly forgotten Donna Theresa and all his griefs; and though we cannot, with perfect certainty, answer that question, yet we have strong reasons to suspect that, for the time, he thought very little about either one or the other; nor had he, indeed, from the moment when he dashed his spurs into his horse's flanks, as he rode forward to rescue Donna Clara from the power of the brigands, and, as now he rode by her side, gazing on her lovely countenance, and regarding her as one who confided in him for protection, he knew not how it was that all nature seemed suddenly to have assumed a brighter garb , and the weight to have been lifted from his heart.
  • jab You see he's near-sighted and not used to manual labor, and every time he missed his nail with the hammer, the German coward would jab him in the ribs with the point of his bayonet.
  • jack I know Old Jack knows....
  • jacks The jacks presently in this virginal, not being original, will not be described.
  • jacob The evidence seems to show that he was never here previous to that event,-which of itself may have first occasioned his coming, though hardly at the time, as Jacob was not more than thirteen at his father's death.
  • jacobi "Jehan Petit, venales habentur in vico Divi Jacobi sub lilio aureo ...
  • jacobs Fellow citizens, I introduce to you Orange Jacobs , your orator of to-day.
  • jag A definite jag on the front of the shift-the place which is usually inscribed with the name of the owner-was carefully insisted on.
  • jaguar The next morning the jaguar was found dead, pierced through and through, close by the cow; while the bull, which stood near, bleeding from many a wound, was seen to rush, ever and anon, against his now helpless antagonist.
  • jib On close examination, the average man-in-the-street is distinguishable from his fellow in London by certain trifling differences in "the cut of his jib "-his fashion in hats, in moustaches, in neckties.
  • job For someone with as big a job as the old man likely had, it seemed that we were talking fairly freely.
  • joke She seemed to consider it rather a good joke .
  • jug "Go on, Sam," she said, with kindly encouragement; "how much does this jug hold, Jack?"
  • jujube They gulped down all the Greek wines in their leathern bottles, the Campanian wine enclosed in amphoras, the Cantabrian wines brought in casks, with the wines of the jujube , cinnamomum and lotus.
  • kb The Arcade Card Duo is for the Super CD-ROM² System and the PC-Engine Duo/R/RX consoles and adds 2048 kB RAM, since those systems already have 256K of RAM built-in.
  • Jacky But can Jacky become a bishop, having an actress for sister?"
  • KGB Angleton became increasingly convinced that the CIA was compromised by the KGB .
  • Jake Jake can drive your station wagon for once.
  • Jackie "Plitty typies, farzer," Jackie clamoured, imperious for notice.
  • KALB De Kalb , who was then advancing, with about fourteen hundred men, of the Maryland and Delaware troops, towards South Carolina.

20 words made from the letters JAKUB

  • 4 letter words made from JAKUB:

    abuk, baju, baku, buja, buka, jabu, jauk, juab, juka, kabu, kaju, kuba, kuja.
  • 3 letter words made from JAKUB:

    aku, auk, jab, jak.
  • 5 letter words made from JAKUB:

    bajuk, bujak, jubak.